8 November 2013

Bleach London Take Two- Turquoise Dip Dye

Hello Lovelies

So today I am back once again with another Bleach London post for you all. Now If you are a regular visitor to my little blog or you follow me on Twitter then you are probably aware of my intense love for the Bleach London products particularly their non-permanent hair colours. In my last post I dip dyed my hair using 'Sea Punk' which is a stunning pale green colour (Click to view the full post here in which I explain more about Bleach London)and don't get me wrong I blooming love my green hair however I did originally want my hair a little more turquoise, kinda similar to the amazing Sunbeamsjess (I seriously recommend checking out her youtube channel). Because of this I decided I would add a little bit of blue to the green to great said turquoise colour. Therefore as soon as payday hit I purchased myself another dye in the shade 'Washed Up Mermaid' a stunning, slightly green toned blue.

So I thought I would bring you along for attempt number two at my turquoise hair. To achieve this you will need:

  • Your desired hair colours (mine being 'Sea Punk' and 'Washed Up Mermaid')
  • A mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • An applicator aka a dye brush
  • A hair brush
  • Some sectioning  clips (optional)

 How I apply the dye:
  1. First as specified on the bottle wash your hair with shampoo but do not condition. You can apply to dry hair however I have found the colour to be more vivid if applied when wet.
  2. Put on your gloves! Now this is a very important step unless you want to go to work green hands like a certain someone (any guess who?). 
  3. Mix your colours. To do this I added 3 big dollops of 'SeaPunk' and 1 and a half  to two dollops of 'Washed Up Mermaid'. I then mixed it all together with the application brush.
  4. Brush any knots from your hair and clip up into smaller manageable sections.
  5. Use the application brush to apply the dye to the bleached sections of your hair (if dip dying) or to your whole head if required.
  6. Ensure the dye is rubbed thoroughly into your hair and that all sections are covered fully.
  7. Wait 15-20 minutes. I suggest catching up on your favourite blogs or youtubers (my personal fave waiting techniques). 
  8. Wash off and condition thoroughly.
  9. Brush and dry your hair as usual.

The Big Reveal: 

So there you have it guys my journey to a turquoise dip dye. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful if any of you were thinking of using the Bleach London home dyes or just wanted to know how to home dye your ends a funky colour. Let me know if you prefer plain green or turquoise in the comments below you know I love hearing from you guys. 

Until next time.



  1. So cool! I really want to try them but I can't because of work. x

    1. Oh no! Yeah I have to hide my ends at work in a bun! x

    2. Oh no! Yeah I have to hide my ends at work in a bun! x

  2. looks awesome xxx


  3. Love the turquoise, my fave colour!
    I'm still yet to try the bleach london dyes!

    1. Thank you :) you have to try them they are so good! So much better than Directions in my opinion! x

  4. Wow the turquoise dip dye looks amazing in your hair! I don't think I could quite get away with it as I have dark hair, and I don't think my job would allow it, but I wish I could ! xx

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.blogspot.com ♥

  5. bit late to the party... how did this wash out? or did it stain?! looks beaut!! x