3 November 2013

How I'd Style- Halloween

A very late Happy Halloween to you all!

So today's post is going to be my rather delayed Halloween post, at last! I am terribly sorry that this is so late in getting to you all, as you will read below my laptop hates me and is refusing to co-operate. However it is being polite today and letting me talk to you all so hello all and thank you for sticking with me...enjoy!

Once again I have left you all hanging and slightly disappeared from the blogosphere, I am so so sorry to have not been posting as often as normal recently I have been battling being insanely busy with work and my laptops apparent lack of life! I PROMISE that this is something I am working on fixing ASAP. I am back today however (fingers crossed that my laptop allows me to post this), on this spooky Halloween night with a little themed post for you all.

I am indeed celebrating all things scary this year with a little party/club outing and of course I am going to be dressing up! After scouring the Internet for images,videos,make-up tutorials and well lets face it anything spooky that I can grab some inspiration from. Now while doing this I of course had to listen to some music (as inspiration will come from no where if not from music)and literally whilst listening to one of my favourite bands inspiration struck, inspiration and let's face it a bit of a girl crush!

So you may or may not have heard of a certain Gossip Girl actress/musician by the name of Taylor Momsen? Yes ladies and gentleman that sweet faced Cindy Lou Who of Whoville grew up and became the lead in a heavy metal band which toured with the legend that is Marilyn Manson! Now their debut album has been one of my ultimate faves since it's release and the debut track from their new album is definitely setting my taste buds a tingling for more! And the rather risque music video is what inspired my dramatic Halloween look.

In the video Taylor is seen strutting her stuff in a PVC catsuit (now we all know about my weird love of PVC),  frolicking in some pretty killer platform boots and seductively whispering to a priest in some pretty epic make-up, signature eyeliner in tact you will be happy to know. And these are the three looks I took inspiration from in this outfit.

Going to Hell-oween

PVC Skater Dress- Freak of Nature, Asos exclusive.
Green Lipstick- Illamasqua in shade Apocalips
Eyeliner- Topshop
Studded Collar- Amazon
Skeleton Tights- Etsy
Jeffrey Campbell the Icy Shoe, Black Suede and Barbie Heads- Karmaloop

Now I am in actual love with this stunning PVC Skater dress by the awesome Freak of Nature (you all know of my weakness for PVC)which is just perfect for a toned down Halloween look (Taylor style). And of course no Halloween look would ever be complete without decapitated barbie heads in your heels, oh Jeffrey Campbell you do make me smile! Top tip- put a Halloween spin on the classic ombre lip by mixing a black eyeliner with a green lipstick, Apocalips by Illamasqua is one of my all time faves.

 So there you have it my little spooky friends, my The Pretty Reckless inspired spooktacular, I do hope you enjoyed it. 



  1. I love the Jeffery campbells they would have been so awesome for Halloween!!! Perfect for the Taylor Momsen look, love her!! xxx


  2. I know right they would have been perfect! Gotta love a bit of Jeffrey Campbell and Taylor Momsen! x