28 November 2013

It's Love- The Cult Label Wishlist

Hello you little beauties!

I <3 The Cultlabel

Machine Gun Stockings
Silver Spiked Bra
3D Skeleton Skirt
Black Visage Tights

Today it is wishlist time once again (woo woo) and in the spotlight this week is the absolutely fabulous online brand The CultLabel! Oh my how can I even begin to explain the love I have for this brand. Well let me just say that it's reasonably priced, gothic and includes a hell of a lot of black and studs, if you've been here a while then you will know that obviously this is the clothing site for me. I only wish that it was a UK based brand :( wahhhhhh, well you can't have everything right. 

Now I thought I'd share a little about the brand with you, well as previously stated it is a non UK brand, actually like a few of my favourite shops it is Singapore based but will be setting up shop in Germany in 2014. It described itself (rather spot on to be honest) as distinctivly dark, wild, fun and girly all at the same time. They stock a range of hand picked items from around the globe as well as their own pretty awesome exclusive label of clothing and accessories. I seriously recommend you giving them a gander, trust me you'll thank me later.

A Few of My Favourite The CultLabel Items

So there you have a few (well as much as I could cut them down) of my ultimate favourite pieces from the site. I literally think I need to win the lottery now ( pretty please) so I can add them all to my wardrobe! I certainly hope you enjoyed my little wishlist, let me know what your favourite item/items are in the comments.



  1. Wow I'm completely in love! Those tights as well!!! I bought some faux tattoo ones off eBay haha, but seriously I can see you in most of this! Xx


  2. Love the skeleton skirt, it's so cool