6 November 2013

Missguided Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Good Morning, Good Morning (well depending on when you read this...let's just roll with it).

Punk meets Pastels!

Missguided wishlist part 1

Hello all, so now days my little Blog may be unintentionally inundated with wishlist posts and because of that probably does not require another such post for what...a year? However I have spent the last few evening feeling rather poopy and doing rather a lot of browsing through the fabulous pages of the Missguided website and I have come across just too many things that my entire future happiness now depends on me owning! Therefore, seen as I once again seem to be lacking in the money department (oh woe is me) I thought I would relieve some of my tension by sharing my beloved, must have items with you guys.

So seen as I've apparently gone all proper fashion Blogger today and created my wishlist in titled sections lets begin with section one: Punk Meets Pastels. I think it is a now pretty well documented fact that I am love, love, loving the PVC/Pleather/vinyl trend that has leapt straight out of the pages of the nations favourite erotic novel straight to the A/W catwalks all across the globe (even though I as of yet do not own any myself...gutted) and now I have a new favourite A/W trend to run alongside it...well actually juxtapose it beautifully seems more accurate. And that trend would be winter pastels! Especially those stunning textured pieces that keep popping up in beautiful 90's shapes and stunning pastel shades of baby blue, pink and lilac. Which also means that as soon as I saw these two PVC offering on the Missguided website I fell head over heels and don't even get me started on that amazing dusty rose faux feather jacket! 

I popped a few accessories in with these beauts in  the form of these amazingly ugly suede platforms which remind me of a grown up Wednesday Adams shoe and which I just LOVE (you all know I can't resist an ugly/chunky shoe). With them I popped on this amazing studded fedora that seems to have taken the Blogger world by storm and which again I just have to get my mitts on!

Falling for florals:

Missguided wishlist part 2

So this next, slightly small section is all about 'falls' offering of the ever constant floral trend (see what I did there). This autumn/winter florals have gone all grown up and decadent with darker, embellished pallets on grown up seductive ,fabrics such as lace and silk.  Think of it as the sexier, cooler older sister of those flirty summer prints. 

Now two of these items, the stunning embellished dress in the center and the similiarly beautiful kimono are items I fell in love with after seeing them styled to perfection by the amazing Lulutrixabelle in her latest ootd post (click this link to check her out, she is incredible). The other well let's just say that I had to share it's beauty with the world! 

A Deeper Shade of Blue: 

A deeper shade of blue

Last but not least I thought I would finish this (pretty extensive wishlist post) with a few of my autumn/winter essentials for you all in varied shades of blue. Now blue is not a colour I would normally wear, mainly because if I think of blue I think of my bff (she will hate that I have just put that muwahahah) Ashleigh who actually has her own specific, signature shade of blue. However this Autumn/winter blue has been everywhere and I must admit it has definitely started creeping up on my favourite colour list, sorry Ash!

Now let's start with the non blue item which would be this stunning faux fur gilet in black. I have been dying to get my hands on a black fur gilet this month as this long line version would be the perfect new addition to my wardrobe. So would this stunning velvet trapeze dress that you may have spotted on their latest advert and which is set to become a blogger favourite! I love it, I love it, I love it! Now these next items, which I must add are equally loved are these stunning blue/green tartan trousers (we all know I love a bit of tartan), a much more subtle take on the classic tartan print with the darker shades and perfect with a simple black t-shirt and my favourite vampy lip.

So there you have it guys a select few, trust me it is definitely a select few as If I did my entire Missguided wishlist we'd be here till next A/W! Missguided are seriously on fire this season and I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of these amazing pieces for Christmas (fingers crossed).  Tell me which your favourite piece or even section is from my wishlist or let me know what your lusting after from Missguided ATM in the comments down below, I love hearing from you all (p.s. how many times have I said love in this post).



  1. Love all of these pieces, the kimono and floral playsuit are my favourites! I've been debating about getting them but Missguided's international shipping is so expensive. Hopefully they'll have a free worldwide shipping code sometime soon!


    1. Yes, those pieces are stunning! Such wardrobe essentials too! All shipping should be free so we can all have pretty clothes! x

  2. love the pvc midi and the tartan trousers


  3. Oooh tartan love!! oh and pink and black together is just fab xx

    1. woo woo, big up the tartan love! Im loving the mix of pink of black atm! x

  4. OH Missguided have some fabulous pieces in atm! Loving that feather coat, i need it in my life and ive put it on my birthday wishlist! Can't go wrong with a bit of pink & black together! Loving the blue pieces! xx

    1. They seriously do, gotta love a bit of Missguided! That feather coat is stunning and I'm loving the mix of pink and black atm especially the textures! x

  5. Oh god! I need that coat and skirt and I pray to god my size comes in again! xxx

    1. Oh no as if! I hate it when the size you need isn't in! x