26 November 2013

November Glossybox Unboxing/Review

Hello lovelies.

So it is that time once again, the time where I regale you with the fabulous (or sometimes not so fabulous) items that have crept their way into my Glossybox. I must admit first off that I am rather impressed with the surprises it gave this month. Hoorah!

So let me prattle on no further and get straight into telling you what I got (admit it your impressed by my lack of babbling).

I feel that the whole vibe of this months box was skin/hand care which makes perfect sense given that these harsh winter months like to attack our skin and especially our hands! I'm sure I am not the only one out there that gets horrifically cracked hands and chapped lips in the chillier months? 
So let's start with the most subject appropriate item aka the Yves Rocher France Hand cream in Cocoa & Orange. And let me also start by saying that this actually smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange...yum! Second of all this stuff is super nourishing and definitely helping to keep those pesky winter cracked hands at bay! 
Full size product at £1.95 for 75ml available at www.yves-rocher.co.uk

Another hand rescuer is this amazing Rapid Dry spray by Elegant Touch which is an actual God send. Now if you've been here a while you will know that I used to be OBSESSED with doing my nails, they would literally be a different colour or pattern every couple of days. However now days I'm more likely to have nothing on my nails as I cannot stand waiting for them to dry. = Am I the only one that gets hungry as soon as I paint my nails?  Any how I've been meaning to start re-painting my nails and as soon as I saw this stunning nail colour by B. I just knew I had to slap it on my fingers right away! And that just what I did using the rapid dry spray to set it all, guess what it was flipping incredible my nails where dry in the promised 60 seconds and the wand on the polish is super chunky making painting your nails super speedy!
Both full size products, Elegant Touch Rapid Dry for Nails at £3 for 125ml and B. Nail Polish £4.99 for 8ml both available at www.superdrug.com

Last but certainly not least is another item of make-up, the reason that I actually subscribed to Glossybox was to receive make-up items so any I do recieve is a very welcome surprise. However I'm not really a black eyeshadow wearer so doubt I will be wearing this religiously however I did swatch this and it is extremely well pigmented so who knows maybe I will be rocking some Taylor Momsen eyes sooner than I think.
Full size product at £16.80 for the full 1.48g available at www.emitemakeup.com
And finally leaving the best to last, oh my golly geese these Vichy Idealia Serums are sublime! They are soft and beautiful on the skin and actually work brilliant as a base for your make-up. Now it's pretty pricey at £29.50 for 30mls however I am definitely thinking of investing as a little Christmas present to myself as a little really does go a long way!
Luxury sample sizes, £29.50 for the full 30ml at Boots.    

So there you have it my loves what I received in this months Glossybox, now I wouldn't say it was a blow out box this month but it also wasn't a complete fail box either which is always good in my opinion because some times the boxes can kinda suck! As usual let me know what you got in your box and leaves me any unboxing/review links in the comments down below.  Also let me know what your favourite item is this month. 


  1. I still haven't been blown away by glossy box lately but it certainly seems like it's upping its game lately and I did like the variety (not that I got it myself) xx

    1. Hmm yeah I know what you mean I have a couple of times but I would certainly say that it's not always up to scratch. I'm thinking of trying Birchbox. You not get a good box this month? x