4 November 2013

The Sunshine Award- TAG

Hello all

So today I am back with another TAG post for you all, once again I have been tagged by the absolute stunners Claire and Lauren over at Stylingo. I will save the compliments as I believe that if my flattery of them carries on they may run and call the police!Although I must say one thing, they are pretty amazing and you should definitely check them out!

The tag in question is The Sunshine Award and the rules go something like this:

  • Tell everyone 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer 11 questions from the tagger
  • Nominate 11 amazing Bloggers yourself
  • Write your own 11 questions you'd like them to answer
  • Tell the lovely 11 that you've nominated them.

11 Facts About Me

  1. I am 22 years of age.
  2. I have a BA Hons Degree in Acting Professional Stage Practice.
  3.  I lived in Manchester for 4 years before moving back home to the very small and rather unknown Grimsby Town early this year.
  4.  I currently work in retail but have dreams of returning to Acting asap.
  5. I am actually in love with David Bowie, David Tennant and Laurence Olivier oh and Keira Knightley (girl crush).
  6. I have two older sisters Louise and Katie.
  7.  Shakespeare is my Homeboy! Yep I said it, I blooming love the man. My Favourite plays are Henry V and Hamlet.
  8. My biggest fashion inspiration is the 90's, my what a decade (the decade of my birth so always a good one).
  9. I am easily obsessed with things, movies and soft mints are probably my biggest obsessions though. I legit eat around one-four packets a day, does that qualify as a 'my strange addiction?'
  10. I like to read books for teenagers.
  11. I listen to the most eclectic mix of music known to man and find it extremely difficult to explain my musical taste to others. 
The More structured facts aka the questions. 

1. Which trends are you loving this A/W? 

As you all very well know I have been in love with tartan since the A/W campaigns and shows hit! I am still very much enjoying a bit of the ole tartan as well as velvet,90's (of course) pvc/vinyl/pleather (aka anything that looks like it should stay in the corner of Ann Summers, I'm blaming 50 Shades of Grey for this one).

2. …And which are you hating?

 Low heels, mainly kitten heels! I just, personally cannot stand kitten heels as you will see in question 8 I prefer my heels high and chunky.
3. Do you have any beauty bad habits?

I definitely do although I'm guessing these are all mainly bad grooming habits. Like not cleansing,toning and moisturising daily (I'm sorry, I do try but sometimes it just doesn't always all happen), taking forever to finally pluck my eyebrows and occasionally waiting a tad too long to wash my brushes! OK, TMI I may be a bit gross!
4.If you were a man, how would you dress?

 Easy, like a mix between David Tennant and Matt Smith's Dr. Who! All tweed jackets, converse and bow ties! Who else wants me to be a man now?
5.What do you think of tattoos and piercings?

 Love them! Unfortunately though being in the acting profession you can't really have a lot of tattoo's or piercings. I do really want a rose tattoo on the back part of my upper arm after watching The Beauty Crush's Tattoo video her's just look so beautiful. I also really want my septum pierced but I'm too much of a wimp so think I might just stick to this stunning fake from Regal Rose.

6.Who do you think is the best dressed celebrity?

 Mary-Kate Olsen all the way I actually (my sister would completely back me up on this)have a fully fledged Mary-Kate obsession...to me she is perfect! It's love, I think we could be best friends and share wardrobes! HEAVEN!
7. Would you rather never be able to brush your hair or never be able to wear makeup?
Funny fact, when Twilight first hit our screens I was/am a massive, massive fan (it was insane) and because of this I decided that to achieve the Kristen Stewart look I would not brush my hair for like 6 months until my friend forced me at Uni! So actually it's pretty easy for my to not brush my hair...I go for that one! Plus no one wants to see my naked face.
6. What makeup essentials are in your evening clutch bag?

 Lipstick of course because we all know I love my lippy and feel naked without it. A compact mirror and normally just my Collection concealer. I'm quite easy breezy (cover girl, couldn't resist) on a night out and apart from re applying my lipstick I don't really bother doing anything else, I'm too busy dancing.
7. If you could go back in time and give your younger self a makeup tip, what would it be?

To test my foundation shade on my wrist to get an actual legit match because let's face it I looked like an oompa loompa as a teenager!

 8. Ideal heel height?

 Big! The bigger the better, think hooker heels! However they have to be chunky platforms so I can actually walk without breaking my ankle. Que my love of Jeffrey Campbells.

9. What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?
Hmmm I probably have two, number one would be an overall not dressing for my body shape. I was a pretty large child/teenager and I used to insist on wearing skin tight clothing...NOT a good look.  The other would be a bright orange Laura Ashleigh, denim two piece that my dad's then fiance chose for my church outfit. Hmmm nice.

 My Questions:

  1. You all know of my love of the 90's but what fashion decade would you like to live in?
  2. What are your three beauty must haves?
  3. What are your three most worn A/W items of 2013 so far?
  4. Coffee or tea?
  5. Who is your ultimate crush dead or alive?
  6. What are the top three things your lusting after at the moment?
  7. Lipstick or nail varnish?
  8. What is your ultimate favourite shopping destination? Can be online or an actual store?
  9. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  10. Favourite autumn/winter time movie?
  11. Who is your ultimate fave blogger?

And last but not least...I nominate:

  1. Rosie from Life and Louboutins
  2. Laura from Lost in Wonderland
  3. Charlotte from Charltom Wintale
  4. Laura from Laura Eliza 
  5. Shaz from A Pinch of Shaz
  6. Ana Elizabeth from Elizabeths Beauty
  7. Sandy from Candy Grime
  8. Hannah from Too Much is Not Enough
  9. Helen from Raggy Doll Raggy Doll
  10. Leanne from It's all the rage these days
  11. Charlotte from Lurch Hound Loves

So that's all for now my loves, I certainly hope you enjoyed it and that some of you got the Thumbelina picture reference (that's apparently what I think of if I think sun).  Thank you once again to Stylingo for tagging me and I look forward to every ones response. If you do this tag any of you then leave me the links in the comments below I'd love to read them.


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