17 November 2013

What I'd Wear to Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

Hello you beauties,

Fashion Week 2014

Faux Fur Gilet- River Island
Fedora- 2Bstores
Mango Typography Sweatshirt- John Lewis
Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick Litas- Motel Rocks
PVC Full Midi Skater Skirt- Missguided 
Silver Plated Ring- Zara 
Gothic Mourning Locket Ring- Etsy 
Studded Bangle Set- Mango 
Lipstick in Shard-  Illamasqua

So today I again have something a little different for your peepers to take a gander at in the form of a rather fabulous blogger competition! The prize? Only a blooming trip to Amsterdam for Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014! Told you it was fabulous!

Now ever since my very own peepers studied the pictures of all the bloggers at London Fashion Week 2013 and saw how much fun they had and how amazing the events and shows were that they got to see, enjoy and sometimes even cover that I have been desperate to get my bottom on a seat at Fashion Week next year. I also happen to have a strong desire to go to Amsterdam and always have done. So winning this competition (not to sound cheesy or anything) would be a dream come true (OK so there was a strong hint of cheese...oops). 

So anyways now that I have ever so slightly embarrassed myself lets go ahead with the job in hand. What I would wear if I got to go to Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014. And apparently that's A LOT of black. Well it is my signature colour and taking the advice from the top woman herself aka Elle Woods, why deny my signature colour! So starting of this fully black ensemble is my new favourite must have item aka this stunning PVC mid skater skirt by Missguided that you all know I love! I do I love it, I love it , I love it! 

Another thing I love apart from black and the amazing PVC skirt (I love a lot of things) is playing with texture and seen as this skirt is slick and smooth I thought I would contrast it with this stunning sequin sleeved sweatshirt from Mango which also adds a touch of the unexpected / an extra layer as I get insanely cold. Sticking with the same goals I decided to layer this faux fur gilet on top. I honestly believe that a black fur gilet is a wardrobe essential this AW and I cannot wait to get my hands on one!  Now I may want to play with texture but that doesn't mean that I can deny this skirt a chance to shimmy the day away in these stunning oil slick Litas aka the worlds comfiest heels, something I believe is important when on your feet all day attending fabulous events!

However we also have break the black up a bit, I mean as much as I love me a bit of black I think I may get lost without at least a hint of colour. For this I would layer up with chunky/gothic silver jewellery like these rings and bangles and of course I'm a lippy sorta gal and if I'm leaving the house I need me a showstopping lipstick on my pout. This stunning deep burgandy/brown from Illamasqua's last collection The Sacred Hour is stunning and a perfect 'red lip' to complement my vamp look.

Now we all know that I love a love a good Internet shop and I found all these items on one nifty little site. No more popping up endless new pages, I found all of the items I wanted and much, much more by browsing through Fashionchick.co.uk. Now that made things a little easier which means I have lots more time to ogle Johnathon Rhys Meyer in Dracula, oh yeah (don't try and tell me you don't do that too).

I hope you all enjoyed this post, check out the competition here and make sure you send me your link if you enter yourself I'd love to see what you'd wear. 

Until Next time.



  1. Eeep I'm in love with the boots!

    Emma x

    1. Stunning aren't they! You've got to love a bit of Jeffrey Campbell! x

  2. Beautiful picks & very you sticky xxxx