17 December 2013

A Christmas Disaster- December Glossybox

Hey there, good looking!

So it is that time again guys...Glossybox time, it also happens to be the wonderful month of December which can only mean one thing... the Christmas edition is here! Now I would love to tell you to hold onto your hats for this one however once again this months 'themed' Glossybox has been a rather large disappointment. Although the box which is so incredibly pretty promised such Christmas joy. I must have been more naughty than nice this year!

However before I crack on with my moan about the products seeming rather un-christmassy (yep a real word) and how I wish I'd been given other colours, blah blah blah. Let me first tell you what I received this month.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Razor
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Nude Lip Gloss
 Seche Nail Lacquer
Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24hr Eye Shadow

Lipsy London Glam

 I feel I should first explain my reasons for not loving this box I mean at the end of the day three out of the five products in the box are full size. However my two main problem's are the two main problems that pop up time and time again. Number one, I feel that the theme of this months 'christmas' box has once again been completely missed. Yes, there are some loose connections to the Christmas period for example 'party ready legs' and 'Glam perfume' however I certainly know that when I think Xmas beauty I think rich reds and glitter not blue eyes and nude lips? Which actually leads onto number 2, (I will try and say this as un-spoilt as possible) why the hell do I seem to alway get the crappy colours? If anybody can answer this question for me I would be extremely grateful. Seriously blue eyeshadow? What do you guys think on this controversial subject Faux pas or total knock out?

Anyway with my mini rant over I shall tell you a little more about each product and my thoughts as usual. Starting with the lovely shaver we received from the Wilkinson Sword naturals range. Now let me know if this is TMI but I'm going to let you into a secret, until ironically the morning that my box arrived I had legit not shaved my legs in about 3 months. Yep, I may have been single for a tad too long, all I'm going to say is I'm lazy, it's cold and I always wear like 5 pairs of tights...who needs to shave their legs then hey! So yes, I will probably use this in another 3 months time and I am terribly sorry for the mental image I gave you all there.

Product is full size and costs £6.49 available at the Wilkinson sword website.

Now I must have said this like a million times and this quarm actually cannot be blamed on the Glossybox team it is just my own personal issues but I HATE lip gloss! To quote my favourite green Christmas personality, I 'loathe and dispise' it, just, just no! So yeah wasn't to pleased to see a gloss in my box especially not a nude gloss as I'm definitely more a fan of a vampy or bright lip. This however will be going to my older sister who has just purchased a stunning loreal lipstick which fab layered under this. So all in all not a complete fail.

This product is a luxury sample at 4m and costs £12 for the full 8ml available at beautifulmovementscosmetics.com. 

Next is the first of my love but just wish it was a different colour products. And that would be this Seche nail lacquer in the shade Audacious (good word) a bright fuschia pink. Hmmm now if you've been here a while then you will know that I am not really a pink fan and although I have indeed been pulled along by this pastel/dusty rose trend that we've been having lately (I'm actually blooming loving winter pastels) I just don't really like bright fuschia pink on my nails. I used to get my nails done at a salon and all they ever had was these shades of pink (which are apparently very popular) but I think just look so blah on the nails. However I have just received a stunning glitter polish that may be able to save this baby.

Product is again full size at 14ml, the RRP is £9.95 available at Liberty's and Love Forever.

Moving Swiftly on to the second of my big colour issues and actually this one is heartbreaking to me as I have a different colour in this product which I use on an almost daily basis and that would be the Maybelline Color Tattoo. I received the shade 20- turquoise forever which as you can see from the pictures is a bright,bright blue. I'm going to try and make this work, I promise, however I've never really been a fan of blue eyeshadow, I'd much prefer to leave it in the 80's thanks. The big issue here though is that everybody else seems to have received an amazing champagne colour that would be beautiful on the inner corner or as an amazing eyeshadow base. Safe to say I am feeling pretty woe is me about it (it's the Pout Paint issue all over again).

This is a full size product which retails at £4.99 available at boots stores.

And leaving the worst, absolute worst item for last (can you sense the drama student coming out there). The final product I received I do not class as a product, yep that's right it is a teeny, tiny can walk into my local store and receive for free perfume sample. Now you all know how I feel about receiving tiny perfume samples, it's OK if they are a relatively large 'duluxe' sample such as the Elizabeth Arden one we received not that long ago but this, this I just do not EVER want to see in my box, and I'm pretty sure I clicked that when filling in the subscription survey. However saying that this is probably the most christmassy item as it smells like 'sugarplums'.

This is obviously a sample product and retails at £25 for the 50ml size, available at Lipsy.co.uk. You can receive 10% off with the box. 

So, yes as you can probably tell I am not enthralled by this months box, in fact I am actually gutted. It's like opening a bad present on Christmas day. And because of this I have made quite a drastic decision...I'm thinking of moving to Birchbox. I'd really appreciate it if you guy's could leave your experiences/links to blogposts with Birchbox down below. And of course I hope you enjoyed this post and didn't think I was being too much like The Grinch. 



  1. I am thinking of going to birchbox too, the brands they use a better known and I am finding glossybox a bit of a chore to write about these days! x

  2. Oh wow... haha! You look at the collection as a whole (well I did) and thought pretty good,and then you breakdown each products and it's like very dissappointing! Real shame :/ When the products aren't unique or exciting it's so hard to review as well! xxx