18 December 2013

Christmas Countdown- Party Hair and Make-up with Accessorize

Happy one week till Christmas guys!

So yes, I actually cannot believe it but my advent calender assured me this morning that it is indeed one week until Christmas! I seriously have no idea where the time has gone, anybody else feel like they maybe went to Narnia and forgot? 

Now the reason I am bringing this up (apart from my excitement that Dr.Who is creeping closer,hell yeah) is because I have had the fabulous idea of blogging a Christmas post every day this next week in the run up till Christmas. Ahhh this could end disastrously I certainly hope it doesn't as I would love to be here spreading Christmas joy every day for you guys. Starting with today's post, which is all about getting Christmas party glam with a little help from the lovely people at Accessorize.

This Christmas Accessorize have put together a selection of posts on 'How to Get Party Ready Hair' . There are four simple yet stunning styles to choose from so you can find one to match that perfect party outfit you have hanging in the wardrobe (you know you have one).  And these would be...drum roll please: 

The 1940's Rolls

 The 60's Ponytail

 The Top Bun

 The Plaited Bun

You may now be wondering why I am here with a big glamour shot of my make-up clad face yet harking on about hairstyles? Well wonder no more my Sherlock style friend for I am here today to show you all how I would match my make-up to one of the fabulous party styles and be Christmas party glam.  As you can probably tell by the picture above I went for the rather fabulous 1940's rolls, all them years on the stage really draw a girl to a victory roll.

What I used:

 Accessorize palette in ExposedCollection Lasting Colour Lipstick in shade Revenge       
 MUA Matte Lipstick in shade Wild Berry
Sleek Pout Paint in shade Pin Up

For my base I used my normal foundation (Revlon Colour Stay in shade 150 Buff) mixed with a pea size amount of Seventeen Wow Skin Highlighter , Concealing any imperfections with the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer  and powdering everything in place with W7 Loose Powder in shade fair.  I then used my Sleek Contour Kit in shade light to create perfect party ready cheek bones and filled in my brows using my now very tiny eyebrow pencil (must remember to pick up a new one) being sure to add some highlight under the brows to really make them pop.

For eyeshadow I went straight to my everyday palette that just happened to be the Accessorize palette in Exposed, oh the irony. However first I applied a thin coating of Tom Ford cream shadow in shade Illicit to give the shadows a base to stick too. First I mixed the two shimmery champagne colours together and added them to the corner of my eyes to make them seem bigger. I concentrated the bottom left shimmery bronze in the middle of my eyelid where the light would normally fall, blending this out with the equally beautiful gold above it. To finish off the shadow I blended a small amount of the insanely pigmented reddish pink shimmer (two to the left of the bronze)into my outer corner, focusing on the crease. I then simply added a small amount of eyeliner pencil to my waterline and finished my eyes off with a few coats of my new favourite bargain mascara, MUA Extreme Curl Mascara in Black (a complete bargain at £2). 

For my lips I decided to go for something a bit more Christmassy with an Ombre Red/Plum toned pout! To achieve this I simply lined my lips using a classic red liner focusing mainly on the outer corners and then going over this with a dark red/plum lipstick (Collection's Revenge).  I then went over all of my mouth using MUA newest Matter lipstick in shade Wild Berry.  As stunning as this looked I wanted to add a bit more of a party spin by adding a small amount of Sleek's Pout Paint in shade Pin Up, a stunning classic red to the very inner section to add a bit of shine to the matte lipstick.

And that my lovely people is the make-up finished! I then simply followed the instructions in the !940's roll tutorial, added some vintage inspired earrings from Primark and my ultimate Christmas essential....aka my fur collar from Matalan and voila, I was Christmas party ready!

Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below as well as your favourite party style!

Have a lovely week guys! See you tomorrow for more Christmas fun!


Disclaimer- Picture has been edited in brightness however colours have not been effected. I am also in no way a trained make-up artist just a girl that is passionate about make-up and beauty.

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