14 December 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- CAGECITY Press Day

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Vintage & Handmade

So if you were super quick (and let's face it probably super confused) then you may have seen a post all about Cagecity (aka the most amazing brand) on my page a few days ago. You may also now be wondering where the hell it went, yes? Well my friends I had a very very blonde moment, which I am guessing is acceptable now as I am a legit blonde (well mostly). Basically to cut a long story short, I entered the wrong competition, yep let's all gets the laughs out right now and carry on as professionals!

Also let me apologise for confusing you all with a closed competition and also for my recent absence. As you can guess, with two jobs in retail around the Christmas period things are pretty hectic ATM. I cannot wait to get some semblance of normality back into my life so I can post more often for you all. I miss chatting to you guys! 
 Anyway formalities and mix ups out of the way let's commence with what we all really came here for...the CageCity press day. Now sadly I didn't actually attend the press day however the lovely people at CageCity have opened the competition to everyone to thank them for their continual support. How sweet right?

Now if you haven't heard about CageCity then you may have been living under a rock for the past few months as they have taken the fashion and especially the fashion blogger world by storm, working with many a notable name in the fblogger world. Not only do they stock some of the most lust worthy brands such as MinkPink, Finders Keepers and Stylestalker but they also stock a fantastic variety of vintage and hand made pieces that are simply to die for. Basically Cage City is a must stop place for all a fashion addicts dream items and guess what? They are UK based, hallelujah.

CageCity describe their customer as a girl that 'is laid-back,
and playful,who doesn't take herself to seriously. She has fun with style and is not a slave to "fashion". She wears what she likes, where she likes and just doesn't give a shit!' Basically she is just the girl I'd look up to, fashion wise. One of the main things I've always said I love about fashion is that it gives you the confidence to wear what the hell you like. I love clashing elements and fugly items that you maybe pick up in a sale or at a charity shop and that become your ultimate favourite item, staying with you for years. This is what I think when reading that quote....and it rules!

Something I also admire about the brand is their passion for what they do. I can just imagine them rummaging through endless vintage fairs and attending endless graduate shows all in the name of fashion. And guess what these carefully and I am imagining painstakingly discovered and crafted items are then styled, snapped, launched and delivered ready for you to wear and cherish!

The press day itself looked phenomenal and so fun! With a design your own beanie stand, free manicures and of course endless pick a mix (my god how I love a pick a mix). Now I may not have physically been at the press day but I definitely kept track of the event and the amazing clothes via my Instagram feed (stonesgotstyle if you fancy a cheeky follow). One Item that completely caught my eye was a holographic mini skirt that I am hoping and praying launches when I have the cash to make it mine. The collection looked like an eclectic yet bang on trend mass of contrasting colours, patterns and fabrics. Picture the wardrobe of just the perfect cool older sister and you've nailed it in one.

I would definitely recommend you all check Cagecity out (click here to go to the site) and if you do let me know or link me your favourite items below I'd love to know your picks. Also learn more about the competition and check out all the gossip from the press day and here.

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