2 December 2013

Week in Outfits- Instagram Edition

Hello again you lovely people.

Outfit 1:

Lace Crop- New Look (sale, similar)
Pleather Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Studded Phone Case- Topshop (sale)
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum

Outfit 2:

Cameo Choker- Claire's Accessories
Black Shirt Dress (worn as top)- River Island
Black Pleather Bralet (worn under shirt)- Cameo Rose via New Look (sale)
Black Velvet Skater Skirt*- Miss Behaver
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum

Outfit 3:

Black Maxi Dress (worn as skirt)- Love Label
Tartan High Neck Crop- Primark
  Studded Belt- Primark
Lipstick- MUA Matte Lipstick in shade Scarlett Siren

Outfit 4:

Leopard High Neck Crop- Primark (sale)
PVC Midi Skater c/o - Retail Therapy Fashion
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge (similar)
Gold Studded Satchel*- Pretty Little Thing

Outfit 5:

90's Print Mini Dress*- Gypsy Warrior Vintage
Black Long Sleeve Crop- DIY
Cameo Choker- Claire's Accessories
Purple Crocodile Print Bag- Topshop (sale)
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond in shade Mauve Parure

Outfit 6:

Black Lace Sleeve Bardot Crop- Miss Selfridge
Dungarees*- Motel Rocks
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge
Gold Chunky Digital Watch- Miss Selfridge
Lipstick- Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 04

Outfit 7:

Black Maxi Dress- Love Label
Snake Print Kimono- Oh My Love via Topshop (sale)
Studded Belt- Primark (sale)
Gold & Pearl Chain Choker- Miss Selfridge
A* Print Beanie- Primark
Lipstick- Nivea Pure Diamond shade Mauve Parure

Outfit 8:

 Long Sleeve Black Crop- DIY
Floral Corset- Topshop (old)
Pleather Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Cameo Choker- Claires Accessories

So you've probably guessed by the title that today's post is another instalment in my week in outfits, Instagram edition series. Technically it is (once again) not an actual week but more of a group of outfits from my days off or at job number one. However I have been posting many an OOTD on my Instagram page as of late so I thought, why not group them together for a "week" in outfits post. 

This week I have been layering to help keep in heat, England has got preeetty chilly all of a sudden which means I have consequently been layering up the tights, my current number is 4. Yep 4 pairs of tights, as I said it's been getting pretty chilly!

Now I understand that I tend to wear things over and over again, I'm easily obsessed with things, I'm working on it! I do hope however that you still enjoy this post. Let me know in the comments what your favourite outfit is and I will try put together a full OOTD post for you all.



  1. Love the tartan high neck from top! I need to get myself down to primark :)



  2. Outfit number 8 is my favourite! But you always look perfect, love your style xxx


  3. You look absolutely amazing as per :) How can you never have an off day, woman?! Outfit 6 has to be my fave, I really need to dig out my dungarees and force them to be winter appropriate!

    Claire from Stylingo xx