30 January 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name- Bleach London Take Three

Hello All...

Bleach London White Toner
Loreal Feria Pastel Peach Dye 
Bleach London Crazy Colours Shade Rose...
(All Available At Boots)

So if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram then you may have noticed that the crazy colours from Bleach London have been out to play again. Now you all know of my love for this brand by now, I've died my hair green and turquoise before using their dyes, So when the time came that I was going through a bit of a hair mare (couldn't resist) I of course turned to my favourite brand. It's weird as I've always said that I'd never really wanted to dye my hair pink however a strong desire came over me recently, it may be the current pink rush in the trends, it may be my feminine side coming out, it may even be just a random urge but let me tell you it wasn't going away!  With that in mind I of course rushed straight over to my local Boots as soon as pay day hit (thank the Lord as I thought it was never going to come) and purchased a few products to help me out. The most vital being the Pink dye, I went for the lighter of the two shades,Rose. I also picked up a toner from the brand to pre lighten my hair to hopefully create a more vivid shade of pink.

What you will need:

  • Pre Lightener- Bleach/Toner if hairs not light enough already.
  • Desired colour dye
  • Mixing bowl
  • Applicator brush
  • Hair brush
  • Sectioning clips

So as with any pastel colour you're going to need to lighten your hair to the lightest it will possibly go, which means you either have to bleach it (if your hair is dark) or tone it if your hair is already pre lightened to get rid of any brassy tones and to create a brighter and more even colour. Now my hair has been bleached a plenty, a little too much actually however it was still rather brassy and uneven so I thought I'd give the Bleach Toner a go (full review will be coming up).

The Result:


  • Shampoo & towel dry hair
  • pour desired amount of dye into mixing bowl
  •  section off hair starting with the darker sections & brush on dye
  • Leave on for 15 minutes (read some blogs, watch some Youtube video's)
  • wash out till water runs clear.
  • dry & style as usual. 

You see folks it's just that easy to create show stopping hair! Now I did have to repeat the process on the more stubborn darker sections of my hair to achieve my desired result so I would suggest maybe leaving the dye on these sections for a while longer but overall I am extremely happy with this colour! Being a lighter shade it does tend to wash out quicker than the green or turquoise however it is pretty easy to keep on top of and you could always add a small amount of the dye to your conditioner (make sure your conditioner is white) to stay on top of your colour.

And now, drum roll please....the final results!

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Also I am currently in a contest to win tickets to London Fashion Week, to vote for me so I can bring you all the backstage gossip please CLICK THIS LINK

Til we meet again!


27 January 2014

Country Songstress- We Love Fashion Comp- LFW

Hello my lovelies

Floppy Hat- Warehouse
Leopard High Neck Crop- Primark 
PVC Full Midi Skirt c/o- Retail Therapy Fashion
Full Length Lace Kimono c/o-  Pretty Little Thing
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's- Office
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Cross Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick- Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in Shade Revenge

So I am back (finally) with an OOTD for you all! I've finally managed to grab someone to take pictures, I think it's about time I invest in some equipment, don't you? However my little camera taking knight in shining armour came at exactly the right time as I was recently contacted about a pretty awesome competition I wanted to share with you all. The prize? Oh no biggie just two tickets to LFW with your BFF and £100 worth of jewellery each by the fabulous NOWSEEN Jewellery, who by the way do the most incredibly beautiful jewellery (that wont blow the bank). Want to win? Of course you do, well it's simple all you have to do is upload a blog post wearing what you'd wear to LFW, including a link back to the NOWSEEN website. Then upload a picture to the NOWSEEN competition page and ask all your lovely, lovely follower, friends, family and well lets face it complete stranger you pass on the street to vote for you!

As you have probably guessed by now this is my entry and of course what I would wear if I got chance to go to Fashion Week! Now I'm not going to lie I've tried on 5 million outfits, scoured the web for inspiration and rediscovered half my wardrobe trying to come up with an outfit. I decided to wear an old favourite which I spruced up by a few of my favourite new purchases. The main focal point of my outfit is this stunning PVC (still loving that trend) midi skirt, I am loving the current trend for the full midi and cannot wait to pick up some in stunning SS14 pastel hues. I decided to pair it with my favourite Primark leopard print crop and decided to make the whole look more interesting by adding some Gothic jewellery and throwing on this clashing full length kimono that I actually die for from Pretty Little Thing (it's soooo pretty I'm gunna die). I then popped on my new hat I purchases for a bargain £1 and my Chanel inspired bag which was a lovely gift from the pops!

I certainly hope you enjoyed this post and ootd. Now for the awkward bit, I would like to ask you to of course visit the NOWSEEN competition page and if you like my outfit the most then please feel free to vote for me! Also leave me any links to your entries in the comments down below I would love to see them!

Good luck you beautiful little creatures and I will see you next time!


24 January 2014

I Carry Your Heart, I Carry It In My Heart- National Holidays Blogger Comp

Hello you lovely lot.

So today I am back with a different, slightly embarrassing but hopefully very exciting post for you all (thinking out of the box here guys). So I was recently made aware of a very exciting competition for all you love birds out there this Valentines day, the competition involves sharing your most romantic moment with the (let's face it now epically jealous) world of the web, to win a luxury romantic valentines getaway for you and that special someone! Now because of my love for you guys I wanted to share this with you by starting things off with my own entry. However that being said I have a confession to make, see the picture I so cleverly placed above? Well that will be me come Valentines day and has been for a fair few years now. You see guys I am more likely to be gulping down wine whilst singing along (rather amorously) to that famous moment from the ever loved Bridget Jones. Now it's not that I'm anti-valentines day it's just that my love life is rather tricky and I have a habit of picking very, very bad men (pity non of them were Daniel Clever, what a beautiful man). So I think it's pretty safe to say that in the whole winning a romantic break to snap me out of my wine induced Valentine's coma  (and potentially bumping into Mr. McAvoy on a romantic Scottish break) goes I think my chances are pretty slim. I did however do one thing when planning this post and that is immediately message my one true love to moan about my pathetic love life and ask the question 'remember doing anything romantic for me?'  and that would be my husband/BFF Michael. 

Now Michael and I met during my initial audition to my Drama School and we have literally been inseparable since. He is my (for better and worse) other half and I wanted to create a sort of Valentines ode to him for today's entry (if they accept it that is). Now I may not be sharing a 'romantic moment' per say with you all but I am going to tell you a few instances when my best friend has been the most Romantic thing a girl could ask for. Because let's face it when all those romantic moments go wrong and we are left alone with nothing but a red diary and a pair of giant knickers to remind us of a past relationship, what really matters is who is there to pick up the pieces?

I am not even going to attempt to get into my love life, its messy and trust me we would be here all day however I will tell you that in my first year of uni whilst I was laid across my sofa, drinking cheap wine from a mug and belting out the Bridget Jones soundtrack at the top of my voice, endlessly sobbing into a pillow (ever the drama queen) it was Mike who picked me up, washed me a wine glass and popped on (our now favourite film) Closer, only to then have me sobbing into his lap, gushing out the whole story about relationship drama number 5 million! And again when I walked home from a friends after an argument about a boy at ridiculous o'clock in the morning feeling as if someone had ripped out my heart and added led to my eyelids it was Mike who braved the freezing cold weather to meet me half way and walk me home, holding me close and grabbing my case (ever the gentleman) and again 4 years on it's Mike I call and tell my ever increasing boy troubles to.

So yes, ladies and Gentleman you may think that I am being a downer (I apologise), you may think even that I am being soppy or cheating but in all honesty the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me is Mike and I will tell you one thing when I get fed up age 30 and make him follow through with our pact I will be the happiest girl walking down the aisle to my all time best friend.

 Such a cute couple, watching Wicked because my hubby takes me to  Musicals! <3

So yes soppyness over (I actually hate soppynes, that might have something to do with my current relationship status) this has been my Valentines story of romance. I would love to hear yours! Check out the competition rules at National Holidays Website (click for link) and don't forget to leave me a link in the comments below. 

Love you all (there it goes again)


19 January 2014

Week In Outfits- Instagram Edition

Hello My lovelies.

Outfit One:

Fluffy Blue Crop Jumper c/o- Ette Clothing
Kirsten Jeans- Topshop (old)
Studded Camo Jacket- Topshop (sale old)
Cream Fur Collar- Matalan (now in sale)
90's Tattoo Choker & Bracelet- Ebay
Bag- Topshop (sale old)
Studded Iphone Case- Topshop

Outfit Two:

Grey Crop Tee- Primark
Daisy Print Maxi Skirt- Motel Rocks (now in sale)
Yin-Yang Choker- Ette Clothing (sold out)
Studded Ear Beanie- Florence and Fred at Tesco (sale)
Lipstick- Sleek shade Mulberry

Outfit Three:

Long Sleeve Crop (worn under)- DIY
 90's Vintage Dress c/o- Gypsy Warrior Vintage
Fur Collar with Brooch- Florence and Fred at Tesco (sale)
Lipstick- Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in shade 3 Revenge

Outfit Four:

Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
90's Crop- Miss Selfridge
Snake Print Kimono- Oh My Love
Necklace c/o- Wild Violet
Lipstick- Vevo Cosmetics shade Deepest Plum

Outfit Five: 

Disco Pants- Topshop (similar)
Peace & War Tank c/o - WTFUK 
Floral Kimono- Daisy Street
Lipstick- Revlon shade Nude Attitude

Outfit Six:

Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
Sheer Panel Jumper- New Look
Turquoise Statement Earrings- Primark (sale)
Lipstick- Jenny Packham (gift set)

Outfit Seven:

90's Crop- Miss Selfridge
Vintage 90's Velvet Skirt c/o- Cagecity
Lipstick- Florence and Fred Lipstick in Shade Wall Street.
Vintage Silver and Black Gem Bracelet- Gift

I hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into what I've been wearing recently. Technically this is (as always) not an actual 'week in outfits' more a sort of montage of a few things I've worn recently. Can you tell which of my latest items I've been obsessed with the most? I should probably stop wearing the same thing all the time! Anyhow I hope you all still enjoyed this  (we can pretend it was an actual week right?) , let me know in the comments which were your favourite looks and I will be back soon with a full ootd post for you all. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



10 January 2014

What I'd Wear to Fashion Week- Lavish Alice Blogger Comp

Hello you beauties..

Lavish Alice- What I'd Wear to Fashion Week

Off White PU Dip Hem Contrast Sleeve Dress- Lavish Alice
Prada Round Frame Sunglasses- Net a Porter
Black Veil Beanie- Karmaloop
Black Lazer Cut Out Clutch- Lavish Alice
 Pack of Three Silver Midi Rings- Topshop 
Lipstick in Shade Liv- Illamasqua 
Rose Ring, Skull Band and Evil Stone Skull Ring- The Great Frog London
Black Knee High Socks- New Look
Jeffrey Campbell Scully White- Nasty Gal

I am back again with another styling post, this time for the extremely good cause (well for me anyway) of a Lavish Alice blogger competition! Now if you've been following me for a while then you may know of my LOVE for the brand that 'in my opinion' stocks some flipping awesome clothing, shoes and accessories. I have done to this date, I believe three blog posts including them a 'How I'd Style' post featuring a dress I swear I am going to get in my life one day, a 'Wishlist' and another 'Blogger Competition' (let's hope it's a case of second time lucky)so yes, I think it's safe to say that I have a big of a major style crush on Lavish Alice.

So then, imagine my delight when I was contacted about this competition to style up some of the new season items (which are all to die for btw). I obviously couldn't resist a PU item, I swear I'm getting one step closer to dominatrix as this autumn/winter goes on. That next step comes in the form of this stunning metallic silver dip hem, contrast dress, I know right it's not black I was shocked too. Now you can't see it on this picture but the back of this beauty is fully metallic, in the same silver as the sleeves, it is yummy to say the least. Of course I had to style this with what I believe is a variation of what will be one of the most worn shoes this Fashion Week (the Stella McCartney Kristy Pump) and that would be the insanely beautiful Jeffrey Campbell Scully in white, look at me going all matchy, matchy!

To get back to my favourite colour and to step away from becoming too white as to not blend in with my deathly pale skin tone I decided (after much pondering) to add a few black elements to the look. I know I just couldn't control myself! I also wanted to add a little warmth as if I know anything about England it's that it's flipping cold and it's more than likely to start chucking it down the moment everything kicks off. I did this by adding some knee high socks, a basic veil beanie (which are probably completely over by now but I just can't let go) and this stunning over sized cut out patterned clutch from the new collection. I love how I would be able to pop all my belongings in this beauty as I am a girl who likes to lug around a Mary Poppins amount of things. Things such as these stunning over sized Prada sunglasses that I am going to magically be able to afford and of course, my main love in life, my lipstick. I decided on this stunning pale, pinky lavender shade as I wanted something soft and feminine to counteract the harshness of the structured patterns and black accessories but that would still create some impact. 

Finally I decided to stack on lots of silver jewellery from Topshop (classic) and The Great Frog London who I swear just do the most incredible rings. And walla bobs your uncle, fanny's your Aunt and I'm off to watch some fashion shows. 

Let me know what you think of this look in the comments guys and don't forget to check out the competition details on the poster below. Good luck if you enter (don't forget to leave me your link if you do) and I will see you guys soon. 

For more information visit the Lavish Alice blog.


9 January 2014

My Guilty Pleasures- The Secret Me

Hello All...

So today I wanted to do something a little different to what we normally see here at stonesgotstyle. As you may know if you follow me on Twitter I have recently reached the rather exciting milestone of 150 followers over on Bloglovin and to celebrate I wanted you to all get to know me a bit more by sharing some of my many, many guilty pleasures. So let the cringe worthy fun begin. 

Starting with the obvious and probably biggest one:

So I'm not sure if any of you have realised yet but I have a bit of an obsession (I say bit I mean a full blown obsession) with the great, the actually let's face it flipping incredible Mr. David Bowie! It's Love I'm telling you! This all started when I first discovered the VHS (going old school) of Labyrinth in amongst the faux book case of VHS in my Step Dads house, from the first moment I watched it It was love! David Bowie aka Jareth aka the Goblin King was my first crush and I still to this day stand in my bedroom, close my eyes and repeat 'I wish the Goblin King would take me away right now' and I am telling you ladies it may not have happened yet but one day I will be the Goblin Queen!

Can I also just say that it was David's birthday yesterday so let's just all join me in saying a huge "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to my future husband (sorry David Tennant).  

Speaking of Mr.Tennant Dr.Who is another one of my 'guilty pleasures' although I refuse to believe that it is a guilty pleasure hence my leaving it out. It's just too good I tell you.

Now another one of my movie based guilty pleasures (of which there's many) comes to you in the form of a musical. All I am going to say is that it is a Cliff Richard musical. Can you just see the cheese bubbling off it. Safe to say Heathcliff the musical didn't open to critical acclaim and Cliff's musical career on the stage didn't really take off but that doesn't stop me from being actually in love. I used to watch my mums VHS of this every single day (no lie) after school, Cliff was another one of my crushes he may not be the Goblin King but he is Heathcliff and I live for Wuthering Heights as a story!

Also good news guys you can watch the full musical in all its Cliff glory over on Youtube! 

Let's all just take a break from the films now and move onto a food item. Everybody has those odd recipes that they just can't get enough of but makes others stomachs turn and mine is currently Primula (a squirty cheese, need I say more) and ketchup toasted sandwiches. Yummy! Honestly guys you HAVE to try it. Top tip: I also sometimes swap it up for cottage cheese and ketchup sandwiches, oh the nutrition. 

This next one you might not think of as a guilty pleasure after all it was not only a bestselling book but a blockbuster movie franchise, however let me just tell you my friend that the level in which I took my love for this series is the guilty part of this pleasure. Yes it was crime worthy. Picture this at the ripe old age of 18 fresh into my University room I literally plastered the walls with posters, magazine cut outs and little novelty character cards of the series. My skin was pale white (and slightly sparkly), my hair dark and unbrushed, constantly being flipped across my head in a Bella Esq gesture whilst I noored at my bottom lip.  I even took it upon myself to inform a girl in the Que at a Twiathon who told me she was Team Jacob, that there would be no book without Edward, so how can she be Team Jacob? Oh yes, I was one of those, and I wonder why I'm single.

And finally for your amusement I will leave you with a few more of my many odd celebrity crushes, this list could go on forever:

  • Snape aka Alan Rickman
  • Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and the animated Victor Van Dorf.
  • David Cameron (I'm hoping it's a power thing)
  •  Derren Brown
  • Adam Richman (from Man v Food) 
  • Sacha Baron Cohen
So that is all for today guys, I don't want to freak you all out too much. I hope you enjoyed today's post and that it gave you a bit of an insight into my personality. Let me know your guilty pleasures and odd crushes in the comments down below I'd love to know if theres any we share!

Until next time.


7 January 2014

Front Row Shop- A Story of Love

Howdy there partner!

A Subtle Rose Hue

Hello my lovelies, so today I am back again with more things I just need in my wardrobe(I have shopping issues). I also have a brand focus slapped in there to satisfy your shopping issues! If you've not heard of Front Row Shop then you do not know what your missing! As soon as I found them via a pretty epic blogger named Robyn Mayday (I'm sure you've heard of her) I just had to share them with you, it was one of those rare occasions where I clicked on the homepage and instantly fell in love, actual love, like completely head over heels! If you follow me on Twitter then you may have noticed this already with the amount of items I've been gushing about via my page. 

Now for a little about the company...Front Row Shop are an up and coming global online store selling on trend and independent fashion at affordable prices, much like the blogger favourites Romwe, Choies and Sheinside. And here is the most important piece of information for your ears to cherish...like the likes of Choies and co Front Row Shop offers customers a VIP experience meaning that every time you shop you collect points, which turn into money off your favourite items and get this when you join you receive 1000 points which equals $10! Yep that is a free $10 dollars to spend right there...roll on payday!

So for starters I thought I would share with you a few items that appeal to my currents obsession aka winter pastels aka pastel shades of pink, oh and my other obsession of fur! I forget sometimes how obsessive I am as a person..oops. Anyhow if you've been following me for a while then you will know that I am a sucker for mixing textures and this insanely gorgeous faux fur skirt caters to all of my needs and desires. I also as you can probably tell fell head over heels for the styling of this on the site, especially those Stella McCartney/Jeffrey Campbell Scully dupes! My oh my do I love them. 

I have also spent a lot of my time in recent months lusting after baby pink coats and this cocoon version which works out as a style steal at £38 in the sale is to die for! If only it knew of my love. p.s anybody else counting how many times I've said that word?

A few more of my favourite items

Now it is time to get back to stonesgotstyle basics and darken things down to my natural hue...you know I live for black clothing! 

How gorgeous is the grungy floral pattern that has been recently launched on the site? Honestly it is that appealing to me that I just couldn't resist including both the Zara Esq lace detail slip dress and the Asymmetrical midi skirt. Which lets face it would go seamlessly with a unicorn (Pegasus) clutch bag, now you know I have been lusting after these and the colour of this one means it would go with practically anything, it is also a complete bargain at around £10! 

Another 'If you follow me on Twitter' moment is about to commence as I recently Tweeted about this purple blazer in a bit of an over excited tizzy! I honestly think this item was made for my wardrobe! I can think of a millions ways to style this versatile staple.

So there you go guys, before I go completely starry eyed (or remember that I can in no way afford to shop anymore this month) I think It is probably time I stopped bumbling on about my love of this pretty incredible brand and left you to browse the pages yourself! I certainly hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your favourites in the comments below. 

Speak Soon.