30 January 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name- Bleach London Take Three

Hello All...

Bleach London White Toner
Loreal Feria Pastel Peach Dye 
Bleach London Crazy Colours Shade Rose...
(All Available At Boots)

So if you follow me on either Twitter or Instagram then you may have noticed that the crazy colours from Bleach London have been out to play again. Now you all know of my love for this brand by now, I've died my hair green and turquoise before using their dyes, So when the time came that I was going through a bit of a hair mare (couldn't resist) I of course turned to my favourite brand. It's weird as I've always said that I'd never really wanted to dye my hair pink however a strong desire came over me recently, it may be the current pink rush in the trends, it may be my feminine side coming out, it may even be just a random urge but let me tell you it wasn't going away!  With that in mind I of course rushed straight over to my local Boots as soon as pay day hit (thank the Lord as I thought it was never going to come) and purchased a few products to help me out. The most vital being the Pink dye, I went for the lighter of the two shades,Rose. I also picked up a toner from the brand to pre lighten my hair to hopefully create a more vivid shade of pink.

What you will need:

  • Pre Lightener- Bleach/Toner if hairs not light enough already.
  • Desired colour dye
  • Mixing bowl
  • Applicator brush
  • Hair brush
  • Sectioning clips

So as with any pastel colour you're going to need to lighten your hair to the lightest it will possibly go, which means you either have to bleach it (if your hair is dark) or tone it if your hair is already pre lightened to get rid of any brassy tones and to create a brighter and more even colour. Now my hair has been bleached a plenty, a little too much actually however it was still rather brassy and uneven so I thought I'd give the Bleach Toner a go (full review will be coming up).

The Result:


  • Shampoo & towel dry hair
  • pour desired amount of dye into mixing bowl
  •  section off hair starting with the darker sections & brush on dye
  • Leave on for 15 minutes (read some blogs, watch some Youtube video's)
  • wash out till water runs clear.
  • dry & style as usual. 

You see folks it's just that easy to create show stopping hair! Now I did have to repeat the process on the more stubborn darker sections of my hair to achieve my desired result so I would suggest maybe leaving the dye on these sections for a while longer but overall I am extremely happy with this colour! Being a lighter shade it does tend to wash out quicker than the green or turquoise however it is pretty easy to keep on top of and you could always add a small amount of the dye to your conditioner (make sure your conditioner is white) to stay on top of your colour.

And now, drum roll please....the final results!

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below. Also I am currently in a contest to win tickets to London Fashion Week, to vote for me so I can bring you all the backstage gossip please CLICK THIS LINK

Til we meet again!



  1. I've just dip dyed my hair and thinking of dyeing the ends pink!! really helpful post X


  2. love your blog,following you!