24 January 2014

I Carry Your Heart, I Carry It In My Heart- National Holidays Blogger Comp

Hello you lovely lot.

So today I am back with a different, slightly embarrassing but hopefully very exciting post for you all (thinking out of the box here guys). So I was recently made aware of a very exciting competition for all you love birds out there this Valentines day, the competition involves sharing your most romantic moment with the (let's face it now epically jealous) world of the web, to win a luxury romantic valentines getaway for you and that special someone! Now because of my love for you guys I wanted to share this with you by starting things off with my own entry. However that being said I have a confession to make, see the picture I so cleverly placed above? Well that will be me come Valentines day and has been for a fair few years now. You see guys I am more likely to be gulping down wine whilst singing along (rather amorously) to that famous moment from the ever loved Bridget Jones. Now it's not that I'm anti-valentines day it's just that my love life is rather tricky and I have a habit of picking very, very bad men (pity non of them were Daniel Clever, what a beautiful man). So I think it's pretty safe to say that in the whole winning a romantic break to snap me out of my wine induced Valentine's coma  (and potentially bumping into Mr. McAvoy on a romantic Scottish break) goes I think my chances are pretty slim. I did however do one thing when planning this post and that is immediately message my one true love to moan about my pathetic love life and ask the question 'remember doing anything romantic for me?'  and that would be my husband/BFF Michael. 

Now Michael and I met during my initial audition to my Drama School and we have literally been inseparable since. He is my (for better and worse) other half and I wanted to create a sort of Valentines ode to him for today's entry (if they accept it that is). Now I may not be sharing a 'romantic moment' per say with you all but I am going to tell you a few instances when my best friend has been the most Romantic thing a girl could ask for. Because let's face it when all those romantic moments go wrong and we are left alone with nothing but a red diary and a pair of giant knickers to remind us of a past relationship, what really matters is who is there to pick up the pieces?

I am not even going to attempt to get into my love life, its messy and trust me we would be here all day however I will tell you that in my first year of uni whilst I was laid across my sofa, drinking cheap wine from a mug and belting out the Bridget Jones soundtrack at the top of my voice, endlessly sobbing into a pillow (ever the drama queen) it was Mike who picked me up, washed me a wine glass and popped on (our now favourite film) Closer, only to then have me sobbing into his lap, gushing out the whole story about relationship drama number 5 million! And again when I walked home from a friends after an argument about a boy at ridiculous o'clock in the morning feeling as if someone had ripped out my heart and added led to my eyelids it was Mike who braved the freezing cold weather to meet me half way and walk me home, holding me close and grabbing my case (ever the gentleman) and again 4 years on it's Mike I call and tell my ever increasing boy troubles to.

So yes, ladies and Gentleman you may think that I am being a downer (I apologise), you may think even that I am being soppy or cheating but in all honesty the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me is Mike and I will tell you one thing when I get fed up age 30 and make him follow through with our pact I will be the happiest girl walking down the aisle to my all time best friend.

 Such a cute couple, watching Wicked because my hubby takes me to  Musicals! <3

So yes soppyness over (I actually hate soppynes, that might have something to do with my current relationship status) this has been my Valentines story of romance. I would love to hear yours! Check out the competition rules at National Holidays Website (click for link) and don't forget to leave me a link in the comments below. 

Love you all (there it goes again)


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  1. This post is so cute! You're definitely not cheating, it was adorable!
    Charlotte xxx