24 February 2014

Blue Valentine- How I'd Style

Hello once again,

Feeling Blue

Link Section Choker- Miss Selfridge
Pastel Pink Lipstick- Topshop Shade Saint
Structured Bralet top- Front Row Shop 
Blue Mongolian Fur Collar- River Island
Longline Cardigan in Blue- Front Row Shop  
Silver Holographic Sandals- La Moda (similar)
Pastel Blue Frilly Socks- Dorothy Perkins
White Crossover Wrap Culottes- Lavish Alice 

Hello again my lovelies, yes I am back with yet another pastel blue and white how I'd style post! You all know I'm having a love affair with the pastel trend ATM and recently my pastel hue of choice is blue! I think it will just be so pretty in the upcoming spring. I also happen to think it looks simply stunning against crisp white and holographic shades of silver, all topped off with a baby pink lip...hence the colour combination I have chosen for today's post. 

This whole look however was created as soon as I laid eyes on this stunning long blue cardigan whilst doing a spot of browsing on the Front Row Shop website (as you do). Now that it's hopefully going to get a bit warmer as we head into spring it's time to start thinking about ditching that trusty winter coat. How you ask? Well this thick longline cardigan is perfect, still chilly? Why not throw on a fluffy fur scarf for extra warmth as well as some fabulous co-ordinating socks under your spring/summer sandals. Who said it was too early to bust out your summer sandals, holographic beauties like these from La Moda (my new favourite shoe/accessories store) need to be shown off daily! 

I decided to clash these rather whimsy and romantic elements against a crisp white base by pairing them up with this amazing structured bralet (also from front row shop) and these stunning fresh from the Proenza Schouler catwalk culottes by another of my favourite brands, Lavish Alice.  Oh how I love these bad boys, such a change from my normal everyday midi skirt. 

So there you have it guys, how I'd style pastel blue inspired by this amazing longline cardigan. What do you all think, will you be braving it in baby blue this Spring/Summer? 

Speak Soon.



23 February 2014

The Witching Hour

Good Morning...

Polo Crop- Primark (sale)
Black Corduroy Skirt- Primark (sale)
Jelly shoes- Primark
Black Satchel/Backpack c/o - Accessoryo
Lipstick- Topshop Shade Ruthless

So I may have gone on not one but two Primark spree's (in one day may I add) lately and bagged a many a bargain! Obviously I had to throw all of them on at once to show you, aswell as introduce you to my new everyday bag, I love it...is it a satchel, or is it a backpack...no one will ever know, because ladies and gentleman it is actually both! Yes call the brigade because things are getting crazy in here! 

Now let's face it, it wouldn't be a stonesgotstyle ootd without a bit of black and I couldn't pass up this corduroy circle skirt on sale for a bargain £3. I've been scouring the internet looking for a bargain American Apparel one as I just couldn't justify the £46 for one when I already have so many black skater skirts, so imagine my delight at finding this beauty in the sale section and in my size, hell to the yeah. I decided to pair this with another bargain sale find, well actually I picked up three bargain simple crops as they are such a wardrobe staple and all a mere £2. 

Drumroll please guys... as oh yeah I finally got some of the Primark jelly shoes! At first I couldn't decide between the black and the mega glittery silver so I did what any girl would do picked the mix between the two (actually at first In picked up all three but then I breathed and thought rationally)! These were only £4 so all in all my outfit cost me £9! WOOHOO! Oh Primark how I love thee so!

 Speaking of loves, as I have briefly noted I am in love with my new satchel from Accessoryo. It is my favourite colour ever for starters and it is just the perfect size for carrying around all of my daily needs ( and that is alot as I travel like Mary Poppins). This would actually be the perfect school or college bag as files and papers fit in perfectly and the structured shape of the bag means they wont get squished up on the move. And obviously for the best part about this bag, it comes with two interchangable straps that clip on and off so you can wear this as both a satchel, over the shoulder or across your body or (my personal favourite) as a packback! I think this is soo cute and 90's, I can imagine Cher Wollowitz wearing this to High school!

Look out for this in many more outfit posts and be sure to check out the website for some amazing accesories and bags! Accessoryo are also kindly offering 15% off for my lovely readers with the code SGS15 So really it's bargains central here today!

I hope your all having a lovely day and enjoyed this little casual ootd. Leave me a comments and make me smile!

Until next time



21 February 2014

What I wore this week- Instagram Edition

Hello my pretties...

Outfit One:

Pink Tartan Mini Dress- Daisy Street
Pink Polo Neck Jumper- Miss Selfridge
Wire Cross Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Black Satchel- Accessoryo
Lipstick-  Little Mix for Collection 2000 Shade Perrie- Superdrug

Outfit Two:

Leopard Polo Crop- Primark (sale)
Navy Disco Pants- River Island (sale)
Fluffy Cardigan- Primark
Lipstick- MUA Lip Cream Shade Kooky

Outfit Three:

Nude Floral Tea Dress- Kate Moss for Topshop
Belt- Primark (Two Pack)
Slip (Worn Under)- River Island
Tattoo Choker- Ebay 
Gold Midi Ring Assortment- Miss Selfridge (sale)
Lipstick- Florence & Fred Shade Fiction

Outfit Four:

Black V Neck Mini Dress- Missguided Sweet Deal Range
Panther Choker- ms_thing
Studded Satchel- Pretty Little Thing
Lipstick- Collection Shade Revenge- Boots

Outfit five:

Cream Polo Neck- Zara Via Ebay 
Leather Effect Skater Skirt- Miss Selfridge

 Tartan Scarf- Primark
Lipstick- Vivo Cosmetics Lip Crayon Shade Best of Me

Outfit Six:

Cream Polo Neck- Zara Via Ebay
Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
White Pentagram Wire Choker - Crimson Jewellery
Hooded Faux Fur Gilet- SheInside
Bow Velvet Scrunchie- Topshop
Chanel Style Quilted Bag- Gift
Lipstick- Vivo Cosmetics Lip Crayon Shade Wide Awake

Outfit Seven:

Paisley Print Bardot Dress- Motel Rocks
Belt- Primark
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Tibetan Cross Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick- Florence & Fred Lip Crayon in Shade Dazzling & Lipstick in Vixen.

Outfit Eight:

90's Square Crop- Miss Selfridge
Daisy Print Maxi Skirt- Motel Rocks (now in sale)
Hamsa Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick- Florence & Fred Vixen

So it has been yet another busy (yet hopefully very exciting) week and I am back with a week in Instagram outfits for your enjoyment. Now as usual these technically aren't what I wore everyday in the past week more of an idea of what I wear on a day to day basis. This week you even get couple of night out outfits, aren't we all lucky! Now I've realised a few things about myself whilst putting together this post. Number one is that I wear my hair in this 90's half up do far too often, two I own far too many dark lipsticks and three I have a slight Crimson Jewellery obsession. This does mean however that you have a lovely post coming up soon all about my obsession with the independent (and mega) cheap handmade jewellery brand! Woohoo. 

For once I'm going to try and keep this sweet and simple by hopefully not babbling too much (see it's already started). As normal let me know which is your favourite outfit in the comments below and have a lovely weekend! Also feel free to add me on Instagram at Stonesgotstyle to see all my random poses!

Love you all millions.


17 February 2014

Something to Brag about- aka a rather fabulous wishlist

Hello...is it me your looking for! (couldn't resist)

Something to Bragg about

So you may remember that in my last post I mentioned Brag Vintage and how I would have a wishlist up for you all soon? Well wait no more my little beauties for today is the day that I finally tell you all some more about this fabulous vintage company and share with you a few of my favourite pieces. (check out how I styled that stunning baby blue check skirt here). 

Brag vintage is a fabulous online based vintage company founded Sheffield (aka the sort of birth place of one of my BFF's which makes it pretty awesome in my eyes, that and the fact that it's northern! I'm a northern girl at heart!) in 2011. They stock everything from a wide variety of denim jackets, reworked shorts and stunning vintage skirts (as you can see yourself) to accessories and shoes all picked with love and a constant look forward to upcoming trends. What I love most about Brag is the people, having conversed with them myself I can assure you that their customers are at the heart of what they do and as they say in their own words on the site,

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and understand that having great customer service is the key to long lasting success in this industry.

Now I don't know about you but I certainly know that I feel a lot buying my vintage items from someone who has my own interests and happiness at heart!

So what are my picks I hear you say? Well apparently mostly anything pastel, check, sleeveless and knitted as can clearly be seen above. But also:

Bragg...part 2.

Oops It involved more dogtooth! Oh well a girl can never have too many imaginary dogtooth sheath skirts right? And if you read my guilty pleasures post then you will know why I had to involve the Twilight vest! I also had to give a nod to the incredible supply of denim jackets they have to offer, I've been scouring the web for a vintage collared denim jacket for a while now and these two babies are blooming gorgeous...so gorgeous that I couldn't pick between them!

So there you have it guys a few of my favourite items and why I picked them. Now I want to see your guys picks...leave me a comment or a link down below to let me know!

Until next time.



11 February 2014

Going Gaga for Gingham- How I'd Style SS14

Hello my loves...

Get a Clue in Blue

Clear Connection Choker- Nasty Gal
Chunky Knit Polo Neck Crop- The Row
Asteroid Nail Polish- KESTER BLACK 
Lipstick- One Direction for MUA Shade 'Rock Me' 
Cloud Clutch- Front Row Shop 
Checked Pencil Skirt- Brag Vintage
Silver Holographic Flatform Sandals- La Moda

So I know it is now pretty late in the day but I missed you guys and felt a sudden urge to communicate! Obviously my way of doing so involved holographic shoes and a super cute cloud shaped purse! Each to their own I say, some people reach for the phone, I go fantasy shopping. Anyhow I have a super exciting wishlist post coming up soon involving a little introduction to a fabulous vintage store called Brag Vintage and whilst picking out my wishlist items I may have got carried away styling this little checked beauty from them. Some might even call it gingham, which I have already seen creeping it's way into the most stylish and fashion forward wardrobes ready for SS14! I also happen to blooming love the trend, cannot get enough of it. Who wouldn't want to dress like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz each day and get away with it, now that was one stylish farm girl. 

 I actually styled this item how I'd style it if it was standing in my wardrobe today all doe eyed and beautiful. As you see I may have made a sneaky Ebay purchase the other week and now be head of heels in love with a Zara polo neck jumper in cream, which I couldn't find on Polyvore so you know this The Row beauty will just have to do. Can't beat a bit of Olsen goodness to set a girls pulse racing. However being the kind of girl I am I couldn't just stop with the conventional jumper/skirt combo, not when see through chokers, holographic shoes and cloud bags existed, so why not throw them all on as well, I'm not picky they can join the party!

I do have to take a second out of my fantasy world though to say that obviously the first choice of lip colour for this ootd would be my ultimate fave pinky/lilac lippy by One Direction for MUA in shade Rock me.

Now we are complete, and London Fashion Week ready should I happen to encounter a tornado and end up there in a dream (totally a legit way into fashion week).  Oh wait maybe then I'd add a pastel blue coat (like this Miss Selfridge beauty I've been eyeing) which I'd wear over my shoulders for that true stylista look?

I hope you enjoyed this little impromptu 'How I'd Style' post? Be sure to check out my Brag Vintage Wishlist once it's up and leave me any trends you'd like to see me style in the comments below.

Until then.


5 February 2014

A Tale Of Tremendous Delight!- Pretty Little Thing Wishlist

Why howdy there partner...

Seeing Red

So I am back with yet another wishlist post for you all. I know, I know I'm wishlist crazy however you all know that wishlists are my way of taming my inner shopaholic! Also I just couldn't resist, Pretty Little Thing have so many pretty items I needed to share.

Starting with what I like to lovingly call...seeing red, aka the reds! Can you sense a colour theme coming on? The first of the red's being this absolute beauty from the sale section, oh baby how I love thee! Drop hems are set to be huge this SS14 and you all know I can't resist a bit of texture or for that matter a bit of leather/velvet. I swear I want to dress like a dominatrix most of the time! Most of the time that was though mind you, and for when I don't I think this rose printed, collared tee is simply divine & would be such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe (Florals are also set to be huge this season, just a side note). Now back to dressing like the female, living equivalent of the 'red room of pain' with these next two beauties. Opulent textures of fur and velvet...check, major side boob...check! Seriously though that dress, can we all just take a moment.

Pretty in pink

And now from red to pink in a section I like to call pretty in pink/pastels (anyone else thinking I've been infected by the Valentines bug). Now another must have item in any fashion blogger's wardrobe recently has been the ultra trendy (yep I just said trendy like a Grandma) pink coat. These bad boys have been cropping up everywhere in all different shades and styles. I however happen to love, love, love the oversized blazer style of this version. Lookey, lookey here whats that I spy, more florals, and in pink....COULD YOU BEEE ANY TRENDIER(that phrase is here to stay guys, you best get used to it, also you have to read that like Joey in friends, you know which episode I'm on about...leave it in the comments below). These two playsuits just lept out the page at me and I think both would look stunning this spring/summer and even in these chillier times with a stunning pastel jumper over the top, which just so happens to be out last item. Oooh she's a clever one!

Monochrome- aka the evolution of shoes ;)

Now you didn't think I was going to leave you without a spot of black, chunky shoe porn did you?  Oh no not today my friends for Pretty Little Thing are on FIRE with the shoes ATM! Seriously its heavenly. And I call it 'The Evolution of Shoes'...catchy right? Starting with a shoe I'm pretty sure I've seen Julia Roberts do up in a rather well known film back in the day, any guesses? Yep these are down right 90's hooker boots but guess what? In my dominatrix dressing plea...I LOVE THEM! I'm having to use all my strength not to buy them, they'd look so fit with my new Kimono also from Pretty Little Thing (see my post on it here). Now from Julia's shoes to a shoe I could see a grown up Wednesday Adams in, sigh and of course a classic chunky black boot (a girl can never have too many). But none of these, and I mean the hooker boots give it a good go, but non of these truly remarkable shoes even lays a finger on these...the grandaddy, the Oscars of the shoe world...the Stella McCartney/Jeffrey Campbell dupes that I could literally run around the world naked for! Hello babies, mummy is saving up to buy you I promise!

Now I think it's time to finish this post before I spend my entire wages on shoes and sit rocking with them in the corner of my room whispering 'my precious'. It's going to happen let's just put that out there. I certainly hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon.


4 February 2014

Starman- OOTD

Hello lovelies...
Hooded Fur Gilet- SheInside
Black Jumper- New Look
Metallic Skater Skirt- G12, George at Asda (sale)
Purple Fluffy Clutch- Ette Clothing
Studded Buckle Boots c/o - Choker Shoes
Turquoise Earrings- Primark (sale)
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Cross Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick- One Direction for MUA Shade Rock Me
Pink Hair- Bleach London Shade Rose

Today I had a bit of spare time, a fate unusual to me recently so even though I had another post planned I thought I'd take some outfit pics of what I wore today. And guess what I love it so much I wanted to share straight away! Which means you'll be getting a post tommorow too. Oh the joys

The main element in today's outfit was this stunning metallic skirt from the Talent at G12 for Asda range. A complete bargain in their current sale (now gone down even more to £4). Now as soon as soon as I saw this skirt I knew exactly how I wanted to style it, however que it's arrival and my realisation of how incredibly tiny it is! I am 5ft 7" so skirts do tend to  be a little shorter however this is pretty ridiculous which means I am literally wearing a slip dress and 6 pairs of tights under it (excuse the chunky legs).

I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple (and black, what a surprise) and let the accessories and skirt do the talking. Therefor I reached for my go to black jumper from New Look, my staple black tights (6 pairs) and stunning silver studded buckle boots from Choker that I just adore and they are sooo comfy! I love them, I love them so much. I then shoved my hair into my normal 90's half up, half down style and threw on some of my favourite silver jewellery. I am obsessed with my chokers from Crimson Jewellery (expect a full post soon) and bargain statement earrings from Primark, can you believe these were a pound!

The other statement, stand out piece in this outfit would be this amazing purple fur clutch that's just landed on Ette Clothing website. Now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you will know of my Ette love, they make simply stunning hand made items as well as selling beautifully picked vintage pieces. As soon as this bag hit the website I just had to buy one, I am obsessed with fur ATM (check out my last post all about my fur obsession) and this made me want to scream 'It's sooo fluffy' at the top of my lungs. However saying that (and this kills me as I love Ette so much) but I think I'm going to have to do some modification to this bag as, as much as it's beautiful it's not very sturdy to hold as it's not structured or lined therefore I may have to pop a sturdier bag inside so it keeps its shape. I might also have to give it a trim at the top too as the fur gets stuck in the zip & I can see that being a disaster on a night out. However I can see this being a complete night out staple once those adjustments have been fixed.

I feel really mean now! I do hope you enjoyed this post/ootd though and I feel it's my responsibility to share these things with you guys. Please leave me some love in the comments below.

Until next time.


2 February 2014

It's So Fluffy I'm Gunna Die!!!!!!!!- A Rather Furry Wishlist

Hey good looking...

It's Sooo Fluffy!!!!
Rainbow Fur Shrug- Pretty Little Thing (sale)
Blue Mongolian Fur Collar- River Island (Limited Edition)
Pom Pom Earrings- House Of Holland
Faux Fur Headband- Accessoryo
Artificial Rabbit Iphone Cases- Ebay
JOANNA PYBUS Sherbet Monster Clutch- Etsy
Pastel Fur Boots- Meadham Kirchnoff for Topshop (Sold Out)
Fur Heeled Sandals- Choies
Purple Fluffy Bag- Ette Clothing
Purple Fur Scrunchie- Ebay
Pink Oversized Fur Scarf- Pretty Little Thing

Now a wise young thing once said the famous quote 'it's so fluffy I'm gunna die' since that monumental day that immortal phrase has been used around the world to describe many an adorable fluffy object. So today in honour of that adorable little girl (I want one she's sooo cute)I thought that I would share a few of my favourite fluffy finds with you all. So without further adieu let's commence with my faux fur (always faux for me baby) obsession.

It's become pretty apparent to me recently that I may have a bit of a thing for the fake fur boom we've been having recently. Like many bloggers before me I've been completely sucked in to faux fur and pastel hue's of late, so whats not to love when all of those things are combined to make awesomness(totally a word)such as this (now totally on it's way to me) purple fur clutch from Ette Clothing! LOVE IT! It also comes in blue leopard print and of course every body's favourite... rainbow! They are also running 20% off the entire site ATM so goodness all around I say. However fancy your fur with a bit more attitude the amazing clutch bags by JOANNA PYBUS over on her Etsy page are to die for, seriously after you've finished reading this I suggest you shimmy your little butt over there, you wont be sorry. To match our newly furry bags every girl needs a pair of furry shoes, gone are the days of Carrie Bradshaw warning women that fur shoes only belong in the bedroom and in are the rather fabulous days of Meadham Kirchnoff for Topshop! Oh my, it still breaks my heart that I never bought anything from the collection, I know it's tragic!

There is of course the conventional way of wearing fur, in the form of a scarf or a shrug to keep you warm on a winters night. However here at Stonesgotstyle we don't take so well to conventional, conventional is boring so why not spice things up a tad by adding a pop of colour to your fur or reaching for an oversized beauty like this one from Pretty Little Thing. Suddenly your dreary & dull outfit will scream instant style icon! 

Or we can all just go totally, off the wall crazy and grab a furry accessory such as these frigging adorable furry bunny Iphone cases (again sticking with the pastel trend ladies) or another Carrie no, no a scrunchiiiiieee (ten points if you know what the hell I'm blabbing about)in full on fluffy, pastel goodness, maybe whilst sporting some pretty impressive pom pom earrings from House Of Holland, well I said we were going all out. Now that is something to shout Agnes style about!

Until next time.