5 February 2014

A Tale Of Tremendous Delight!- Pretty Little Thing Wishlist

Why howdy there partner...

Seeing Red

So I am back with yet another wishlist post for you all. I know, I know I'm wishlist crazy however you all know that wishlists are my way of taming my inner shopaholic! Also I just couldn't resist, Pretty Little Thing have so many pretty items I needed to share.

Starting with what I like to lovingly call...seeing red, aka the reds! Can you sense a colour theme coming on? The first of the red's being this absolute beauty from the sale section, oh baby how I love thee! Drop hems are set to be huge this SS14 and you all know I can't resist a bit of texture or for that matter a bit of leather/velvet. I swear I want to dress like a dominatrix most of the time! Most of the time that was though mind you, and for when I don't I think this rose printed, collared tee is simply divine & would be such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe (Florals are also set to be huge this season, just a side note). Now back to dressing like the female, living equivalent of the 'red room of pain' with these next two beauties. Opulent textures of fur and velvet...check, major side boob...check! Seriously though that dress, can we all just take a moment.

Pretty in pink

And now from red to pink in a section I like to call pretty in pink/pastels (anyone else thinking I've been infected by the Valentines bug). Now another must have item in any fashion blogger's wardrobe recently has been the ultra trendy (yep I just said trendy like a Grandma) pink coat. These bad boys have been cropping up everywhere in all different shades and styles. I however happen to love, love, love the oversized blazer style of this version. Lookey, lookey here whats that I spy, more florals, and in pink....COULD YOU BEEE ANY TRENDIER(that phrase is here to stay guys, you best get used to it, also you have to read that like Joey in friends, you know which episode I'm on about...leave it in the comments below). These two playsuits just lept out the page at me and I think both would look stunning this spring/summer and even in these chillier times with a stunning pastel jumper over the top, which just so happens to be out last item. Oooh she's a clever one!

Monochrome- aka the evolution of shoes ;)

Now you didn't think I was going to leave you without a spot of black, chunky shoe porn did you?  Oh no not today my friends for Pretty Little Thing are on FIRE with the shoes ATM! Seriously its heavenly. And I call it 'The Evolution of Shoes'...catchy right? Starting with a shoe I'm pretty sure I've seen Julia Roberts do up in a rather well known film back in the day, any guesses? Yep these are down right 90's hooker boots but guess what? In my dominatrix dressing plea...I LOVE THEM! I'm having to use all my strength not to buy them, they'd look so fit with my new Kimono also from Pretty Little Thing (see my post on it here). Now from Julia's shoes to a shoe I could see a grown up Wednesday Adams in, sigh and of course a classic chunky black boot (a girl can never have too many). But none of these, and I mean the hooker boots give it a good go, but non of these truly remarkable shoes even lays a finger on these...the grandaddy, the Oscars of the shoe world...the Stella McCartney/Jeffrey Campbell dupes that I could literally run around the world naked for! Hello babies, mummy is saving up to buy you I promise!

Now I think it's time to finish this post before I spend my entire wages on shoes and sit rocking with them in the corner of my room whispering 'my precious'. It's going to happen let's just put that out there. I certainly hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon.


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  1. Those boots with the buckles are unreal!

    Emily x