17 February 2014

Something to Brag about- aka a rather fabulous wishlist

Hello...is it me your looking for! (couldn't resist)

Something to Bragg about

So you may remember that in my last post I mentioned Brag Vintage and how I would have a wishlist up for you all soon? Well wait no more my little beauties for today is the day that I finally tell you all some more about this fabulous vintage company and share with you a few of my favourite pieces. (check out how I styled that stunning baby blue check skirt here). 

Brag vintage is a fabulous online based vintage company founded Sheffield (aka the sort of birth place of one of my BFF's which makes it pretty awesome in my eyes, that and the fact that it's northern! I'm a northern girl at heart!) in 2011. They stock everything from a wide variety of denim jackets, reworked shorts and stunning vintage skirts (as you can see yourself) to accessories and shoes all picked with love and a constant look forward to upcoming trends. What I love most about Brag is the people, having conversed with them myself I can assure you that their customers are at the heart of what they do and as they say in their own words on the site,

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and understand that having great customer service is the key to long lasting success in this industry.

Now I don't know about you but I certainly know that I feel a lot buying my vintage items from someone who has my own interests and happiness at heart!

So what are my picks I hear you say? Well apparently mostly anything pastel, check, sleeveless and knitted as can clearly be seen above. But also:

Bragg...part 2.

Oops It involved more dogtooth! Oh well a girl can never have too many imaginary dogtooth sheath skirts right? And if you read my guilty pleasures post then you will know why I had to involve the Twilight vest! I also had to give a nod to the incredible supply of denim jackets they have to offer, I've been scouring the web for a vintage collared denim jacket for a while now and these two babies are blooming gorgeous...so gorgeous that I couldn't pick between them!

So there you have it guys a few of my favourite items and why I picked them. Now I want to see your guys picks...leave me a comment or a link down below to let me know!

Until next time.



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