23 February 2014

The Witching Hour

Good Morning...

Polo Crop- Primark (sale)
Black Corduroy Skirt- Primark (sale)
Jelly shoes- Primark
Black Satchel/Backpack c/o - Accessoryo
Lipstick- Topshop Shade Ruthless

So I may have gone on not one but two Primark spree's (in one day may I add) lately and bagged a many a bargain! Obviously I had to throw all of them on at once to show you, aswell as introduce you to my new everyday bag, I love it...is it a satchel, or is it a backpack...no one will ever know, because ladies and gentleman it is actually both! Yes call the brigade because things are getting crazy in here! 

Now let's face it, it wouldn't be a stonesgotstyle ootd without a bit of black and I couldn't pass up this corduroy circle skirt on sale for a bargain £3. I've been scouring the internet looking for a bargain American Apparel one as I just couldn't justify the £46 for one when I already have so many black skater skirts, so imagine my delight at finding this beauty in the sale section and in my size, hell to the yeah. I decided to pair this with another bargain sale find, well actually I picked up three bargain simple crops as they are such a wardrobe staple and all a mere £2. 

Drumroll please guys... as oh yeah I finally got some of the Primark jelly shoes! At first I couldn't decide between the black and the mega glittery silver so I did what any girl would do picked the mix between the two (actually at first In picked up all three but then I breathed and thought rationally)! These were only £4 so all in all my outfit cost me £9! WOOHOO! Oh Primark how I love thee so!

 Speaking of loves, as I have briefly noted I am in love with my new satchel from Accessoryo. It is my favourite colour ever for starters and it is just the perfect size for carrying around all of my daily needs ( and that is alot as I travel like Mary Poppins). This would actually be the perfect school or college bag as files and papers fit in perfectly and the structured shape of the bag means they wont get squished up on the move. And obviously for the best part about this bag, it comes with two interchangable straps that clip on and off so you can wear this as both a satchel, over the shoulder or across your body or (my personal favourite) as a packback! I think this is soo cute and 90's, I can imagine Cher Wollowitz wearing this to High school!

Look out for this in many more outfit posts and be sure to check out the website for some amazing accesories and bags! Accessoryo are also kindly offering 15% off for my lovely readers with the code SGS15 So really it's bargains central here today!

I hope your all having a lovely day and enjoyed this little casual ootd. Leave me a comments and make me smile!

Until next time




  1. Bargain of an outfit, £9!!
    I picked up those black jelly shoes, so good for £4!
    Love the skirt.


    1. Amazing aren't they, I wish I had got more! x

  2. How, have you made those shoes looks so hot?! You can pull off anything I swear xxx