31 March 2014

Week In Outfits: YouTube Edition/ Take One

Hello Amigos...

so last week was pretty hectic I worked my ass off, managed to get several posts/ videos up, bought a tripod to take my own ootd pictures, learnt how to use it (kinda) and finally worked out how to get my YouTube uploads to fill the whole screen in HD! I seriously think I deserve a medal just for the latter, that was some tricky stuff. I now feel a little more pro then low...yes I just turned into Paddy Mcguinness for a second. 

Now some of my most popular posts here at stonesgotstyle have been my week in outfits: Instagram style. These week in outfits also happen to be some of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube (everyone should check out sunbeamjess's her style is epic) therefore I came to the conclusion that I should quickly vlog what I am wearing everyday for the last week to get one of these videos up of my own. I stuck to it and here is the end result. I certainly hope you all like it. Again I am still new to this so I don't edit like a machine (not yet anyway). If you all like these video's then I may make it a weekly series on my channel

Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for you support in my new endeavour I appreciate it so much! Now there's not much more to say here apart from, well enjoy...

Until Next time.


28 March 2014

House Of Mirrors


Halter Crop- Motel Rocks Via Depop
PVC Pencil Skirt- Topshop (sale)
Fluffy Lilac Clutch- Ette Clothing
Midi Rings- Miss Selfridge (sale)
Cross Hand Chain- Primark (sale)
Purple Holographic Loafers- Topshop (sale)

Hello my lovelies. So you may have noticed that today's outfit pictures are a little different (I like to think edgy some might think crappy haha). Basically I've run out of people I can annoy to take regular outfit pictures and I really wanted to get a post up for you all, que an after work (I've been working like a crazy lady recently) run to trusty old Argos for a tripod so I could take pictures on my morning off the next day. The next day came I just about got to grips with everything, popped on the outfit and BOOM it started to rain, brilliant! So yes I had to move indoors and turn my entire bedroom around in order to take pictures next to a (as bare as you can get in my house) white wall. 

Therefore I am terribly sorry about the TV cable, door and rubbish in view in these shots! I like to think it makes it look all artsy, creative & edgy, all that cool stuff us fashion bloggers are meant to be. Shhh just go with it, no one will ever know that I'm just a bad photographer.

So yes I have been on a bit of a bargain hunt since Christmas picking up some treasures such as this PVC (you all know of my obsession) skirt and holographic loafers which I got for an insanely low price in Topshop. However I have also been selling/ buying...well let's face it selling so I can buy (I'm not even sorry) my old clothes on Depop. Now Depop is like the phone app love child of Ebay and Instagram. I happen to be a bit of an addict so if you want to follow me or want me to follow you I am of course at stonesgotstyle, leave me your links in the comments. 

Yes bargain hunting to one side, as soon as I nabbed this stunning Motel Rocks Shiva print, multi-coloured halter crop on Depop I just knew I had to pair it with my new Topshop finds in a 90's acid trip, festival wear combination of textures and colours. You know what I mean? Probably not but yes I happen to love the combination and cannot wait to dance the night away in it asap!

As usual I hope you enjoyed this ootd, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. How would you style any of the items I'm wearing? 


25 March 2014

The Grunge Effect

Hello you wonderful people you...

The Grunge Affect

90's Square Neck Crop- Miss Selfridge
Black Oversized Floral Crown- Rock N Rose
Monochrome Floral Midi Skirt-  Warehouse
Set of Silver Rings- Rock N Rose
Lipstick- Mac shade Cockney
Black Drawstring Bag- New Look
Black Patent Doc Martens- Office

You've guessed it I am back today with more 90's styling for you all. What can I say I'm a women obsessed! I also happen to be a woman who works ridiculously close to a Warehouse and this stunning vintage style floral skirt has literally been eyeballing me all week (OK so not literally). Needless to say I have spent many an hour daydream styling this in those quiet moments in my shift. 

Now for this post I wanted to focus on the decadently 90's aspect of the skirt by pairing it with THE 90's shoe of choice, the Doc Marten boot in my favourite colour of course. Then I had a wonderful idea, a fabulous, brilliant idea. Of course I would totally wear this to a music festival, well if I actually attended music festivals...there's hope for me yet. Therefore on went the giant floral crown from the queen of all floral crown suppliers Rock N Rose, out came the silver jewellery and on went the bohemian Esq studded drawstring bag.

To top it all off? Well a super 90's brown lip of course! This shade by mac is actually beautiful. Now the only thing left to do is go blast out the music and pretend I'm at a festival!

So there you have it guys...a rather impromptu how I'd style myself for a festival post. I certainly hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you'd wear in the comments below or how about even writing your own post and linking me it? I'd love to see them!

And as always...until next time.


24 March 2014

Shades of Blue

Hello my pretties (said like The Wizard of Oz)...

Gold & Turquoise Head Chain- Missselfridge
Mint 90's Square Crop- Missselfridge
Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
Belt-- Primark (2 pack)
Lorna Bag in Blue c/o - LaModa
Leopard & Black Barely There Sandals-  Matalan (similar)
Gold Rings- Missselfridge
Friendship Bracelet- Handmade
Lipstick- 1D for MUA shade Rock Me
Nails- House of Holland Via Boots

Hello all, so I am back with an ootd post for you all. Now you may have realised something odd for a stonesgotstyle outfit post, you've guessed it...I am not wearing black! The main reason for this is that I was recently sent this stunning baby blue bag by the incredibly lovely people at La Moda. Now if you've seen my last few posts then you may have seen a few of their amazing pieces as well as heard me babble on about how fantastic and reasonably priced they are (all of which are true) however today I thought instead of fantasy styling the pieces I would show you how easily they can translate into everybody's wardrobe. 

I actually surprised myself when I picked out mostly blue bags whilst making my decision, what with me being an all black everything sorta gal. However I have realised something in my many, many summers of wearing head to toe black...it absorbs the heat and it gets hot...very, very hot. Therefore given my current obsession with pastels I thought I would be brave, grow a pair and try add some colour into my wardrobe. Today that colour happens to be blue, several shades of blue...not enough to make a dirty novel out of but enough to brake me out of my comfort zone just that little bit. 

I decided to play with the idea of many shades of blue after spotting my current favourite style of top, this incredible 90's square neck crop from Miss Selfridge in this equally stunning shade of mint. Now I can't tell I lie I did also end up buying this in nude and white to go along with the black I already have but at £8 a pop can you really blame a girl. I threw on lots of gold jewellery to match the hardware on my new baby and then clashed the whole thing with these stunning leopard sandals. Yes I finally caved and bought a pair of the ever so fashionable barely there heels...my bendy monkey toes are not thanking me for their nakedness!

 So there you have it guys how I'd style my new ultimate spring/summer bag (the first of many an ootd post of this type I believe). Let me know what you think in the comments below and keep a look out for both my full review on the Lorna bag which will be up soon as well as my get ready with my which should be up on my Youtube channel tonight! 

Speak Soon.


23 March 2014

The 90s Statement Dress

Doing it like Kate Moss...

The Killer 90's Dress

Hello you beautiful creatures! Today I am back with another 'how i'd style' post for you all. This time however I am channelling my inner 90's supermodel...think Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell (prior to all the phone throwing). Basically and you may have seen my craze tweet about it but as soon as my pupils glanced at this fine work of 90s floral goodness I just had to style it (and scrounge, scrimp % save till it was mine). Well I am still working on making it mine but I have certainly finished styling it. 

Of course as soon as I saw the silhouette of this beauty I just knew I had to pair it with a pair of chunky ass cleated shoes like these ones from Windsor shoes (oh how I sometimes wish I was Australian). To the grunge kid in me a bodycon floral dress simply screams chunky shoes! Paired with a girly (summer/summer appropriate) pastel pink lip to bring out the blush nude colour of the floral details, tonnes of girly silver jewellery and as a super cute heart shaped clutch you have a spring summer look straight from the (much celebrated) wardrobe of Miss Cher Horowitz! 

So there you have it guys a quick look at how I would style my most lusted for dress of spring/summer so far! What do you think? Let me know how you'd style it in the comments below and stay tuned for my 200 Bloglovin followers giveaway!

Speak soon.


22 March 2014

90's Hair Tutorial: Three Ways

It happened again...I'm addicted!

Hello my lovelies, so I have just uploaded my second Youtube video! I am still having a few issues, what with me just getting used to it all (also my camera is being a bit of an idiot atm) so the perfectionist in me is having a mini flip out! I do have to keep reminding myself that I am new to this and let's face it, we all have to start from some where...at least I finally started doing it after years of wanting to. 

Anyway babble to the side I just wanted to let you all know it was up and to say a huge thank you to any of you that have watched, liked, subscribed or encouraged. Actually all of you that come back here again and again and make me feel strong enough to do these things. OK I've gone all gooey here I apologise but seriously I wouldn't be anywhere without you all.

Today's video (which I will link below) is all about how I create the three hairstyles above. It was a bit of a polava to film but I hope you all enjoy and if any of you do re-create any of these looks be sure to tag me or hashtag stonesgotstyle so I can have a cheeky gander!



Yes so that is it from me for today. I hope you enjoy this tutorial I will be back soon with many exciting posts including my 200 Bloglovin subscriber giveaway, so watch this space! 

Until then.


17 March 2014

Hello Youtube!

So I may have done something a little crazy...


(Bump up the quality!)

Yes ladies and gentleman I've finally done it, I have finally filmed and uploaded my very first Youtube video for you all! I know I've been saying I would do this for literally ever but things (life mainly) just got in the way however I had a completely free day and thought why the hell not. And  let me tell you it was not easy...I feel like Bruce Bogtrotter and that cake made from the chef's own blood sweat and tears! Now I know it's not the ultimate best quality right now but I am learning so please be patient!

So yes today I uploaded my very own video version of that famous cake...let's hope it doesn't make anyone sick! I know my editing/sitting in front of a camera and talking skills aren't the best but I am hoping this will come with time and after hours of editing I am actually pretty proud of myself for cutting out all my babbling (well almost all of it).

 I am eternally grateful. for all your guy's support you are truly wonderful and I would really appreciate your support in this huge yet exciting (yet terrifying I literally feel my anxiety levels hitting the roof) new journey.

Love you all thank you so much for giving me the confidence to do this.


15 March 2014

Pastels On Parade- A Wishlist

Every single pastel on the planet
Prayed to be invited to the ball...

Pastel Paradise

Pastel Biker Jacket- UNIF
Pastel Glitter Hair Bows- Crown & Glory
Grey Off Shoulder Jumper- Missguided
Lipstick- Topshop Saint
Pink Velcro Sandals- La Moda
Pink Slip Dress- Motel Rocks
Blue PU Skater- Own The Runway
Pink Glitter Jelly Sandals- River Island
Pink Tartan Skirt- Daisy Street
 Charlotte Bag in Beige- La Moda 

First let me start by saying major brownie points to any of you who got the ( kinda, half) quote? You and I are now total BFF's! However saying that we are not here to simply gossip about epic childhood movie's , as much as we all secretly wish we were. You may have realised instead by the ever so slightly cryptic title of today's post that it is indeed a wishlist. Not just any wishlist though, a wishlist suitable for even the most colourful care bear, because today it all about my ultimate spring summer trend...pastels! I love them, I love them, I love them!

Yes I know, I am sorry this must be my third or fourth pastels post now and I promise if it carries on I will seek professional help but I mean come on how perfect are they all! Starting with a creation by one of my favourite lustlist (because I cannot afford to buy instead of lust) brand UNIF who have excelled themselves with this pastel biker ...let's all just take a breath and admire it's beauty. This would seriously jazz up (yep I just said jazz) any simple spring/summer outfit and make even the drabbest of garments ultra 90's cool! Needless to say I have fantasy styled this in my head on many a sleepless night. Hey some people count sheep others style rainbow jackets...what ever does the trick.

This would also happen to look incredible with Motel Rocks new lingerie style slip dress which comes in this darling shade of pastel pink as well as baby blue. Now I think this is the quintessential spring/summer dress. Easy to layer, ultra cool (in both senses of the word) and bang on trend with it's pastel nod to the 90's (aka the most ultimate fashion decade ever). 

It's safe to say though that this wouldn't be a stonesgotstyle wishlist without the presence of two things. Number one being some variety of pleather,leather or PVC and you will not be disappointed as I came across a few different colours of this baby blue PU skater skirt on Own The Runway the other night and instantly fell head over heels. How perfect would it look as well paired with this amazing new style, off the shoulder jumper from Missguided. The other being lipstick and after falling hard for the Topshop lipsticks in Lincoln a few weeks back my next purchase will hopefully be Saint, a stunning pastel pink perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming sun. 

Now leaving the best till last I have a couple of items that are set in concrete, I have to have, they need to be in my wardrobe right now! They would be this amazing pink tartan skirt from Daisy Street (one of my favourite online stores). And the second being these mega cool, totally spice world, baby pink velcro sandals from La Moda. I don't even think I need to explain this one I mean just look at them, they are actually incredible!

So there you have it guys a few pastel hued item's that I am feeling very deeply now that I need in my life for spring/summer. Let me know what your favourite is in the comments below!

Speak Soon


8 March 2014

Fashion Flashback- Friends Part One Rachel Green

She's not Rachum...what's a Rachum...

Hello all so today I am back with another fashion flashback post, same me different funkier blog design. You like?  So I'm not going to lie but that may be the only thing that's changed as today's fashion flashback may be sending us back to the 90s (as usual) I'm sorry guys I just cannot get enough of the fabulous decade of crop tees and Clueless!

I don't think you can stay mad at me for too long though as today's post is not only about THE biggest 90s T.V show. Let's face it we all gasped and cried at the final episode of...you guessed it Friends! Yes that old favourite about six slightly incestuous and ever so entertaining pals who spent far too much time sitting on a sofa in a coffee shop and stealing each others food from their fridges!

And if you were anything like the young fashion obsessed me then you would have loved one friend in particular....the infamous Rachel Green. Yes one half of the biggest will they won't they storyline's in history and the most copied hairstyle of the decade. Rachel was the fashionable ex daddy's girl who works for Ralph Lauren and wears some of the most amazing outfits of the series.

Her effortless style earns her major 90's fashion credit whether she is strutting around in a fabulous dress (everyone remember the green commando dress) or lazing around in a crop tee, tartan skirt and knee high socks Rachel was always the girl whose wardrobe you wanted to raid! And today I am doing the fantasy version of just that by bringing you a low down of my favourite outfits and a few key pieces available on today's high street which will give you that quintessential Rachel style.

Rachel Green

High Neck Crop- Boohoo (sale)
90s Square Cami- Miss Selfridge 
Cropped Denim Shirt- Chiara Fashion (sale)
Dungarees- River Island 
Cream Turtle Neck Jumper- UNIQLO (sale) 
LOULOU Nightie- Zalando 
Leather Backpack- New Look 
Tartan Skirt- Love at Topshop 

So there you have it guys a low down on the fabulously stylish wardrobe of my ultimate favourite Friends character. I certainly hope you liked it and that you like the new blog design? Let me know who your favourite flashback fashion icon is in the comments below.

Until Next Time