22 March 2014

90's Hair Tutorial: Three Ways

It happened again...I'm addicted!

Hello my lovelies, so I have just uploaded my second Youtube video! I am still having a few issues, what with me just getting used to it all (also my camera is being a bit of an idiot atm) so the perfectionist in me is having a mini flip out! I do have to keep reminding myself that I am new to this and let's face it, we all have to start from some where...at least I finally started doing it after years of wanting to. 

Anyway babble to the side I just wanted to let you all know it was up and to say a huge thank you to any of you that have watched, liked, subscribed or encouraged. Actually all of you that come back here again and again and make me feel strong enough to do these things. OK I've gone all gooey here I apologise but seriously I wouldn't be anywhere without you all.

Today's video (which I will link below) is all about how I create the three hairstyles above. It was a bit of a polava to film but I hope you all enjoy and if any of you do re-create any of these looks be sure to tag me or hashtag stonesgotstyle so I can have a cheeky gander!



Yes so that is it from me for today. I hope you enjoy this tutorial I will be back soon with many exciting posts including my 200 Bloglovin subscriber giveaway, so watch this space! 

Until then.


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