8 March 2014

Fashion Flashback- Friends Part One Rachel Green

She's not Rachum...what's a Rachum...

Hello all so today I am back with another fashion flashback post, same me different funkier blog design. You like?  So I'm not going to lie but that may be the only thing that's changed as today's fashion flashback may be sending us back to the 90s (as usual) I'm sorry guys I just cannot get enough of the fabulous decade of crop tees and Clueless!

I don't think you can stay mad at me for too long though as today's post is not only about THE biggest 90s T.V show. Let's face it we all gasped and cried at the final episode of...you guessed it Friends! Yes that old favourite about six slightly incestuous and ever so entertaining pals who spent far too much time sitting on a sofa in a coffee shop and stealing each others food from their fridges!

And if you were anything like the young fashion obsessed me then you would have loved one friend in particular....the infamous Rachel Green. Yes one half of the biggest will they won't they storyline's in history and the most copied hairstyle of the decade. Rachel was the fashionable ex daddy's girl who works for Ralph Lauren and wears some of the most amazing outfits of the series.

Her effortless style earns her major 90's fashion credit whether she is strutting around in a fabulous dress (everyone remember the green commando dress) or lazing around in a crop tee, tartan skirt and knee high socks Rachel was always the girl whose wardrobe you wanted to raid! And today I am doing the fantasy version of just that by bringing you a low down of my favourite outfits and a few key pieces available on today's high street which will give you that quintessential Rachel style.

Rachel Green

High Neck Crop- Boohoo (sale)
90s Square Cami- Miss Selfridge 
Cropped Denim Shirt- Chiara Fashion (sale)
Dungarees- River Island 
Cream Turtle Neck Jumper- UNIQLO (sale) 
LOULOU Nightie- Zalando 
Leather Backpack- New Look 
Tartan Skirt- Love at Topshop 

So there you have it guys a low down on the fabulously stylish wardrobe of my ultimate favourite Friends character. I certainly hope you liked it and that you like the new blog design? Let me know who your favourite flashback fashion icon is in the comments below.

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  1. i can definitely picture Rachel wearing all of the things you've chosen, i would love to raid her wardrobe... also now that I'm waitressing i'd love all those cute aprons she used to wear at central perk too! x

    1. Oooh yey! You should do it, and hold your hair in a chignon with a pencil Rachel style! x

  2. Ah man I wanted that New Look leather rucksack soooo bad!! This is a lovely post, but it's made me long for it all now. Rachel is still such a style icon I think, love all your picks xxx


    1. You are such a sweetheart thank you! And I know literally everytime Friends comes on I get major wardrobe envy. And that rucksack is a beauty isn't it? I've been looking for one for a while...so 90s!

  3. I absolutely love Friends, best show everrrrr! I love Rachel's style, especially in series 1 & 2! x