17 March 2014

Hello Youtube!

So I may have done something a little crazy...


(Bump up the quality!)

Yes ladies and gentleman I've finally done it, I have finally filmed and uploaded my very first Youtube video for you all! I know I've been saying I would do this for literally ever but things (life mainly) just got in the way however I had a completely free day and thought why the hell not. And  let me tell you it was not easy...I feel like Bruce Bogtrotter and that cake made from the chef's own blood sweat and tears! Now I know it's not the ultimate best quality right now but I am learning so please be patient!

So yes today I uploaded my very own video version of that famous cake...let's hope it doesn't make anyone sick! I know my editing/sitting in front of a camera and talking skills aren't the best but I am hoping this will come with time and after hours of editing I am actually pretty proud of myself for cutting out all my babbling (well almost all of it).

 I am eternally grateful. for all your guy's support you are truly wonderful and I would really appreciate your support in this huge yet exciting (yet terrifying I literally feel my anxiety levels hitting the roof) new journey.

Love you all thank you so much for giving me the confidence to do this.



  1. This was such a cute video, you've got a lovely voice! And such a natural on camera too, I hope you make more videos!


    1. Thanks lovely!<3 that means alot I was so nervous about uploading especially as my camera decided to be weird and not fill the entire screen! x