15 March 2014

Pastels On Parade- A Wishlist

Every single pastel on the planet
Prayed to be invited to the ball...

Pastel Paradise

Pastel Biker Jacket- UNIF
Pastel Glitter Hair Bows- Crown & Glory
Grey Off Shoulder Jumper- Missguided
Lipstick- Topshop Saint
Pink Velcro Sandals- La Moda
Pink Slip Dress- Motel Rocks
Blue PU Skater- Own The Runway
Pink Glitter Jelly Sandals- River Island
Pink Tartan Skirt- Daisy Street
 Charlotte Bag in Beige- La Moda 

First let me start by saying major brownie points to any of you who got the ( kinda, half) quote? You and I are now total BFF's! However saying that we are not here to simply gossip about epic childhood movie's , as much as we all secretly wish we were. You may have realised instead by the ever so slightly cryptic title of today's post that it is indeed a wishlist. Not just any wishlist though, a wishlist suitable for even the most colourful care bear, because today it all about my ultimate spring summer trend...pastels! I love them, I love them, I love them!

Yes I know, I am sorry this must be my third or fourth pastels post now and I promise if it carries on I will seek professional help but I mean come on how perfect are they all! Starting with a creation by one of my favourite lustlist (because I cannot afford to buy instead of lust) brand UNIF who have excelled themselves with this pastel biker ...let's all just take a breath and admire it's beauty. This would seriously jazz up (yep I just said jazz) any simple spring/summer outfit and make even the drabbest of garments ultra 90's cool! Needless to say I have fantasy styled this in my head on many a sleepless night. Hey some people count sheep others style rainbow jackets...what ever does the trick.

This would also happen to look incredible with Motel Rocks new lingerie style slip dress which comes in this darling shade of pastel pink as well as baby blue. Now I think this is the quintessential spring/summer dress. Easy to layer, ultra cool (in both senses of the word) and bang on trend with it's pastel nod to the 90's (aka the most ultimate fashion decade ever). 

It's safe to say though that this wouldn't be a stonesgotstyle wishlist without the presence of two things. Number one being some variety of pleather,leather or PVC and you will not be disappointed as I came across a few different colours of this baby blue PU skater skirt on Own The Runway the other night and instantly fell head over heels. How perfect would it look as well paired with this amazing new style, off the shoulder jumper from Missguided. The other being lipstick and after falling hard for the Topshop lipsticks in Lincoln a few weeks back my next purchase will hopefully be Saint, a stunning pastel pink perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming sun. 

Now leaving the best till last I have a couple of items that are set in concrete, I have to have, they need to be in my wardrobe right now! They would be this amazing pink tartan skirt from Daisy Street (one of my favourite online stores). And the second being these mega cool, totally spice world, baby pink velcro sandals from La Moda. I don't even think I need to explain this one I mean just look at them, they are actually incredible!

So there you have it guys a few pastel hued item's that I am feeling very deeply now that I need in my life for spring/summer. Let me know what your favourite is in the comments below!

Speak Soon


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  1. Ughh I am swooning! Why did I spend all of my months money?! That jacket is tres amazing too xxxx