24 March 2014

Shades of Blue

Hello my pretties (said like The Wizard of Oz)...

Gold & Turquoise Head Chain- Missselfridge
Mint 90's Square Crop- Missselfridge
Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisy Street
Belt-- Primark (2 pack)
Lorna Bag in Blue c/o - LaModa
Leopard & Black Barely There Sandals-  Matalan (similar)
Gold Rings- Missselfridge
Friendship Bracelet- Handmade
Lipstick- 1D for MUA shade Rock Me
Nails- House of Holland Via Boots

Hello all, so I am back with an ootd post for you all. Now you may have realised something odd for a stonesgotstyle outfit post, you've guessed it...I am not wearing black! The main reason for this is that I was recently sent this stunning baby blue bag by the incredibly lovely people at La Moda. Now if you've seen my last few posts then you may have seen a few of their amazing pieces as well as heard me babble on about how fantastic and reasonably priced they are (all of which are true) however today I thought instead of fantasy styling the pieces I would show you how easily they can translate into everybody's wardrobe. 

I actually surprised myself when I picked out mostly blue bags whilst making my decision, what with me being an all black everything sorta gal. However I have realised something in my many, many summers of wearing head to toe black...it absorbs the heat and it gets hot...very, very hot. Therefore given my current obsession with pastels I thought I would be brave, grow a pair and try add some colour into my wardrobe. Today that colour happens to be blue, several shades of blue...not enough to make a dirty novel out of but enough to brake me out of my comfort zone just that little bit. 

I decided to play with the idea of many shades of blue after spotting my current favourite style of top, this incredible 90's square neck crop from Miss Selfridge in this equally stunning shade of mint. Now I can't tell I lie I did also end up buying this in nude and white to go along with the black I already have but at £8 a pop can you really blame a girl. I threw on lots of gold jewellery to match the hardware on my new baby and then clashed the whole thing with these stunning leopard sandals. Yes I finally caved and bought a pair of the ever so fashionable barely there heels...my bendy monkey toes are not thanking me for their nakedness!

 So there you have it guys how I'd style my new ultimate spring/summer bag (the first of many an ootd post of this type I believe). Let me know what you think in the comments below and keep a look out for both my full review on the Lorna bag which will be up soon as well as my get ready with my which should be up on my Youtube channel tonight! 

Speak Soon.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely :) they are the House of Holland for Elegant Touch ones x

  2. You look GORGEOUS! I love your hair piece, and the baby blue injection! SWOOOON xx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! <3 You always know how to make my day! xxxx

  3. This colour suits you so much, I'm really loving the spring pastel colours!
    I love your bag too! Charlotte xx