25 March 2014

The Grunge Effect

Hello you wonderful people you...

The Grunge Affect

90's Square Neck Crop- Miss Selfridge
Black Oversized Floral Crown- Rock N Rose
Monochrome Floral Midi Skirt-  Warehouse
Set of Silver Rings- Rock N Rose
Lipstick- Mac shade Cockney
Black Drawstring Bag- New Look
Black Patent Doc Martens- Office

You've guessed it I am back today with more 90's styling for you all. What can I say I'm a women obsessed! I also happen to be a woman who works ridiculously close to a Warehouse and this stunning vintage style floral skirt has literally been eyeballing me all week (OK so not literally). Needless to say I have spent many an hour daydream styling this in those quiet moments in my shift. 

Now for this post I wanted to focus on the decadently 90's aspect of the skirt by pairing it with THE 90's shoe of choice, the Doc Marten boot in my favourite colour of course. Then I had a wonderful idea, a fabulous, brilliant idea. Of course I would totally wear this to a music festival, well if I actually attended music festivals...there's hope for me yet. Therefore on went the giant floral crown from the queen of all floral crown suppliers Rock N Rose, out came the silver jewellery and on went the bohemian Esq studded drawstring bag.

To top it all off? Well a super 90's brown lip of course! This shade by mac is actually beautiful. Now the only thing left to do is go blast out the music and pretend I'm at a festival!

So there you have it guys...a rather impromptu how I'd style myself for a festival post. I certainly hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you'd wear in the comments below or how about even writing your own post and linking me it? I'd love to see them!

And as always...until next time.



  1. HAHA I am so in the boat of dressing for festivals but not actually going.. sigh! But this is gorgeous, I love the skirt xxx

    1. That skirt is literally killing me at work ATM! It wants me to take it home! x

  2. I am loving this outfit!!
    I would definitely wear this :)
    I need this floral crown!


    1. Amazing isn't it and much more subtle then the brightly coloured ones! x