29 April 2014


Welcome fellow witches.


AURORA Rose Heart Choker- RockNRose
From Love & Lemons- Revolve Clothing (sale)
Black Fedora-  Catarzi Exclusive to ASOS
 Velvetine in Salem- Lime Crime
Half Round Sunglasses- ASOS 
 Poison Box Ring- Shop Dixi
Multi Chain Waist Belt-  ASOS
Dr. Martens graffiti Boots- Farfecth
Faux Croc Trapeze Bag- Forever 21

Now if you saw my march favourites then you will know I've been binge watching American Horror Story recently and with my tendency to lean towards the darker shades in life I am clearly loving the ultra sheek, gothic styling in Coven! I've actually  been told I dress like a witch on several occasions (possibly not meant as a compliment, but that's how I'm taking it) so today I thought I would purposely dress like my favourite bunch of mis matching witches. 

The entire inspiration behind this look (apart from American Horror Story- Coven) was this absolutely incredible maxi dress by For Love and Lemons. Seriously how incredible and perfect is this dress, a spring/summer suitable maxi dress in my favourite shade of black. And this dress screams chain belt and gothic silver accessories (including a very on point poison ring, just incases)so guess what, I piled them all on. However to save this look from going too Halloween and being unsuitable for those uber stylish witches I added a classic fedora and cat eye sunnies. Then to stop this look to go too un stonesgotstyle I added some amazing graffiti printed docks because a dress is not complete without a pair of grungy boots!

Are you ready for the piece de resistance? Of course no witch inspired outfit would be complete without Lime Crime's amazing new velvetine in shade Salem! Yep, let's all just take a moment to appreciate! Seriously though this I NEED in my life! 

So yes, that's it our wickedly (anybody having John Travolta Oscar flashbacks) gothic, Coven stealing, American Horror Story inspired 'how I'd style'. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know your favourite series and how you'd style it in the comments below.

Until next time.


25 April 2014

Week in Outfits: Take Three- Youtube Edition

Hello my little buttercups...

Outfit One:

Studded Camo Jacket- Topshop (similar)
Grey Long Sleeve Crop- Primark(similar)
90's Squafre Neck Crop- Miss Selfridge
Plaid Shirt (worn around waist) - Topshop(similar)
Navy Disco Pants- River Island (similar)
Lipstick in Shade Rebel with Cause- Makeup Revolution
Multi Buckle Boots- Chocker Shoes

Outfit Two:

MinkPink Cheetah Print Smock Dress- Cagecity
Black Satchel- Accessoryo 
Coltrane Dupes- New Look (similar)
Lipstick in Shade Vice- Makeup Revolution

Outfit Three:

Blue Fluffy Crop- Ette Clothing
Black Corduroy Skirt- Primark(similar)
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Pentagram  Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Jelly Shoes- Primark
Lipstick in Shade Depraved- Makeup Revolution

Outfit Four: 

Snake Print Kimono- Oh My Love via Topshop (old)
 Statement Necklace- Topshop (old)
Blue & Gold Bag- La Moda
Lipstick in Shade Shameless- Revlon Matte Balm Stain

Outfit Five:

Off White Fluffy Crop- Primark Via Depop
Acid Wash Dungarees- Motel Rocks
Turquoise Earrings- Primark (sale)
Lipstick in Shade Rock Me- One Direction for MUA

Outfit Six:

Grey Polo Neck Crop- Primark (similar)
Belt- Vintage
Mom Jeans- Daisy Street

Outfit Seven:

90's Square Neck Crop in Mint- Miss Selfridge
Black Cardigan- Republic (old)
Black Lace Trim Shorts-  Miss Selfridge

As you can probably tell by today's title my latest 'week in outfits' video is now live on my channel! I've had such lovely feedback from you all on these videos (you guy's are seriously incredible, thank you for your support) so I will definitely be keeping them coming for as long as the demand is out there. I thought it would be easier to pop all the outfit information down in a blogpost then link it to the video (and vice versa). So yes, today's post is just going to be a quick one for me to give you a little heads up and a giant hello! I hope you are all doing well and having a lovely weekend so far. Let me know which is your favourite outfit in the comments below.

Also if you've not subscribed to my new Youtube channel yet but you want to stay up to date with everything stonesgotstyle, click this link and press that subscribe button. Go on make a girls day!

Until next time.


24 April 2014



So today is special for two very different reasons that are more closely linked then you may think. For today is the huge first birthday of my little blog, as well as this however it is also the three year anniversary of losing my Grandma...a women so very close to my heart. You might be thinking oh gosh I've clicked expecting a celebration & I'm faced with a Debbie downer. However you may know if you've been following me since the start that I actually created this blog in dedication to that extraordinary woman who never let anything get her down. It was in the glum bedroom of my shared house last year, laying face down in bed refusing to honour the horrific date with an appearance that I finally got the push to reach for my dreams. 

I got up out of my bed that night and I wrote, I wrote about me, my style, my dreams & what my blog was going to be about (I also horrifically mispelt my Grandmas name & dedicated my blog to someone named John 'my Grandma's name is Joan' for a good few hours). The support that instantly flooded in from my friends, family & you wonderful people has meant that since that fateful day I have never looked back. And I want to thanks you all in this horrifically soppy speech (hey it's my party I will cry if I want to) from the very bottom of my heart for all that support and encouragement you give me on a daily basis and for helping me step in to the next chapter for stonesgotstyle....my new Youtube channel!

You guys inspire me every day and without you I would not be where I am now. So thank you, thank you & thank you again...you guys rock!

Here's to another year!
Love to you all...



22 April 2014

Styling the Classic LBD: Day to Night

Hello there...

Leather Jacket- Topshop
Sunglasses- Ebay
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Plaid Shirt- Topshop (old)
Satchel c/o - Accessoryo
Chunky Buckle Boots (sale) c/o - Chocker Shoes

So I have finally (and trust me it was not an easy experience, literally everything that could go wrong went wrong lol) delved deeper into the world of Youtube with a 'how I'd style' / 'OOTD' style post for you all. Listen to this it even has fades, music and posing...such a professional!

Any who if you follow me on instagram (if not I'm at stonesgotsyle, feel free) then around February you may have seen this cheeky little outfit snap...

Well as much as this dress was a complete bargain at £8.99 , part of the Missguided Sweet Deal range (with free delivery check out their social media as they do this quite often out gear for the day. So there I was one evening unable to sleep, pondering new video ideas when all of a sudden inspiration struck!

Why not film a day to night LBD video...so yesterday I got all dressed up and pranced around in my back garden with a camera (and some very nosey neighbours). 

 And here is the finished product...



19 April 2014

Easter Parade

Happy Easter Weekend!

Easter is Here

Nude 90's Square Neck Cami- Miss Selfridge
Pink & Gold Statement Necklace- La Moda
Gold & Tortoise Shell Sunglasses- La Moda
Pink High Waisted Shorts- Pretty Little Thing
Pastel Bag- La Moda
Mesh Socks- La Moda
Pink Velcro Sandals- La Moda
So Happy bank holiday guys, currently as I am sat writing this the sun is shining and I have a definite day off work tomorrow so I think it's safe to say that I am pretty over the moon. I wanted to get a how I'd style post up for you all, reflecting my current summertime/Easter holiday mood as well as to share with you all a few of my favourite things of spring so far. 
Those would be in no particular order, Miss Selfridge 90's square crops (I think your all probably a little over me talking about these babies by now I'm sorry...p.s click here to see how I style them) Pretty Little Things new spring/summer collection (click here to see my favourite pieces) and La Moda, well actually just La moda in general. They are seriously killing it this spring/summer.

So yes I wanted to put up a super quick post to share my favourite pretty Easter pastels with you! Also I missed posting as it's been a few days. Let me know what you think in the comments below, also feel free to link me to any of your Easter ootd posts I'd love to see them!
Until Next time

11 April 2014

Week In Outfits: Take Two (YouTube Edition)

Hello my little bambina's...

Why hello there, so as the title would suggest I have now uploaded my second 'Week In Outfits' video on my YouTube channel for you all.  My last video seemed to have gone down well with a lot of you enjoying it. Thank you again for all your continual support in this new venture I appreciate it more than I can say (mush alert). 

I thought it may be easier for you guys & for me to create a post with all the outfit information in as I know you all prefer that when I've done my Week In Outfits: Instagram Editions before. So strap yourself in as the fun is about to begin...

Outfit One:

White 90's Square Crop- Miss Selfridge
Sparkle Midi Skirt- Cagecity
Black & White Mesh Pumps- Miss Selfridge
Cardigan- gift
White 'Vickie' Satchel- A New Moda
Tattoo Choker- Ebay
Hamsa Cord Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick in Shade Innocence- Miss Sporty

Outfit Two:

MinkPink cage detail shirt- Cagecity
Black lace trim short- Miss Selfridge
Stud Ear Detail Beanie- florence & Fred
Black Satchel- Accessoryo
Lipstick in shade Palest Lavender- Barry M

Outfit 3:

Lace Sleeve Bardot Crop- Miss Selfridge
Acid Wash Mom Jeans- Daisystreet
Belt- Primark
Lipstick in Shade Black Cherry - Revlon  

Outfit 4:

Velvet Low Back Cami- Asos (similar)
Black PVC Pencil Skirt- Topshop (sale)
Jeffrey Campbell Lita's- Office
Chanel Dupe- Thailand 
Bangles- gifts
Lipstick in Ruthless- Topshop

Outfit 5:

Cream Fluffy Crop- Primark Via Depop
Blue Sparkle Midi Skirt- Primark 
Studded Creepers- New Look (sale)

Outfit 6:

Nude 90s Crop- Miss Selfridge
Statement Necklace- Topshop (sale)
Navy Disco Pants- River Island (sale)
Midi Rings (selection)- Miss Selfridge (sale)
Gold Buckle Cut Out Boots- New Look
Lipstick in Perrie- Collection 

Outfit 7:

Black Fluffy Crop- Primark Via Depop
Wire Tibetan Cross Choker- Crimson Jewellery
Lipstick in Shameless- Revlon Matte Lipcrayon

Outfit 8:

Daisy Print Maxi Skirt- Motel Rocks
Multi Buckle Boots- Chocker Shoes

So there you have it guys, I certainly hope you enjoyed this weeks outfits. Let me know your favourite in the comments below. Also sorry for the dodgy (cutting head off) camera angels, I'm going to try filming a different way next week so should hopefully get resolved. Pleae feel free to like, comment and subscribe to my channel for lots more fashion fun.

Love to you all


8 April 2014

Pretty in Paris- A Unconventional Pretty Little Thing Wishlist

Bonjour my stylish little baguettes...

Pretty in Paris!

Black Fluffy Beret- Boohoo
Round Black Edged Sunglasses- Pretty Little Thing
Lip Paint In Proud- Topshop
Black Cut Out Knit Jumper- Pretty Little Thing
Yellow PVC Mini Skirt- Pretty Little Thing
Black Cleated Platforms- Pretty Little Thing
Black Fur Eyes Bag- Choies (sold out)
Stripey Knee High Socks- Karmaloop

So I'm back with another post...so soon I hear you cry, well yes I know I've even shocked myself a little. However if you follow me on Twitter (of course in true blogger style I must recommend that you do)you may have seen me frantically retweeting this stunning yellow PVC mini from the Pretty Little Thing new in range. Now the entire new in range is actually incredible and I would definitely recommend a browse...warning though if you have no money you may leave heartbroken like misery guts here!

Now I knew straight away that my now depressive state had to be altered in the only way I know how...fantasy shopping/styling the items I love most and sharing them with my little blog family. See you guys make me smile. At first I toyed with the idea of a classic Pretty Little Thing wish list post however I am pretty sure I've already done two of these. It was tricky but I thought I'd try and be a little more original so instead I styled a few of my ultimate wishlist items into a rather fabulous (if I do say so myself) Parisian style outfithtt post.
Obviously my first port of call was the skirt, the skirt that literally makes me want to cry at it's beauty. As well as at the fact that it will probably be sold out when I can finally afford it in two weeks! It's a hard world. Anywho again unsurprisingly because I just cannot let the whole cleated soled platform trend go yet the next item was simple...these stunning platforms. I swear I WILL have a pair like these in my life!

The stunning round sunglasses where what I threw on next as their Tim Burton esque beauty called to the gothic/ Tim Burton obsessive child in my heart. Also they weirdly reminded me of some Johnny Depp wears in Sleepy Hollow and I love that man and film, so obviously a must. From this quirky turn in the road I decided to go full on fantasy with another lust worthy item I was too late to purchase aka the ultra cute fluffy eye bag from Choies (some might say it's purrfect..I'm just full of them). And of course I wouldn't be well if I didn't pop on a dark vampy lip in either brown or purple, or in this case a tantalising mix of both.
But then from there, you see something very peculiar happened (more so than the Tim Burton glasses moment), you all know I hold a penchant for the 90's and especially that 90's classic Clueless. I'm not sure if it was the yellow talking or maybe it was the mix of chunky shoes & quirky accessories but all of a sudden that ultra fashionable 90's icon was guiding my every move. So out came the  beret & on went the thigh high stripey socks and boda bing boda boom...out came an outfit fit for Cher Horowitz in Paris! Thank you, thank you very much.

Or a very fashionable bumble bee...I will let you decide. 
I certainly hope you all enjoyed this style of post, technically it's just a sort of merge of two of my most used styles but I thought it might be a little refreshing from the usual. Let me know what you think of this sudden yellow trend in the comments below and leave me any links to your favourite Pretty Little Thing item.

Meet you at the Eiffel Tower, I'll be the one in yellow...


7 April 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

Why hello good looking...


(oh just look at the ultra vogue thumbnail I've given birth too!)

 So yes I may now be somewhat of a YouTube addict and once again have a video for your eyeballs to take a little gander at. I am finding this whole YouTube experience so invigorating after years and years of wanting to start my own channel.  Seen as I seem to enjoy just sitting down and speaking directly to you all and since my channel is still young and budding, I thought I would once again regale you all with facts about yours truly in the 50 Random Facts About Me tag (I was not actually tagged...so I'm totally living on the edge here people). However saying that I do tag all of you lovely lot so if you liked this video leave me a response of your 50 facts in either the comments down below/on the video or even in a video response! Oooh the choices, go on make my day.

Until Next time


6 April 2014

The Lip Revolution- A Makeup Revolution Review

Howdy y'all...

In Order Left to Right:

Today I am back with not only a beauty post (get me living up to that fashion/beauty blogger title) but a post I've been rather excited about. Now if you follow Superdrug on Twitter then you may have seen their tweets about a new bargain brand set to be sold in stores. This super reasonably priced brand would is called Makeup Revolution.  

Now Make-up Revolution haven't released much information yet about the brand (they only launched in March 2014) with it still being relatively new however given the products and the price range I would best compare them to  MUA or Makeup Academy which is also sold in Superdrug, and as you may know a favourite brand of mine.

Makeup Revolutions prices range from £1 lipsticks (such as the ones I'm going to review today) to £3 eyeshadow palettes and £4 mixable foundations available in 16 versatile shades.

If you've been here a while then you will know that I am a girl that cannot deny a bargain lipstick nor a purple lipstick for that fact so when I saw the ultra bright & ultra vampy collections of £1 lipsticks on the site I just HAD to make a purchase. Obviously this was justifiable as even though I have no money this was all in the name of blogger investigation!

And while we're on that subject can I just say that I would recommend waiting until the product hit stores if you can to feel the full bargain purchase affect of them all as I paid around £3 for P&P (that could have been another 3 lipsticks in store) however if you fancy blowing the boat out a little more then old cheapo skintpants here then Makeup Revolution are currently doing free shipping if you spend over £20 on their Facebook Page.

Now on to the actual review. So I was pretty impressed with these products overall I mean it is a £1 lipstick after all can you really complain. Also most of the lipstick I found to be build able and nourishing when applied, all that is but the shade 'Fusion' a dark red I just had to throw into my basket last minute even though it resembled 'Vamp' far too much to justify buying. Now this formula is matte and stiff to apply with hardly any colour pay off, I find this one quite similar to the MUA Matte lipsticks which also do this. Now I don't know if I just received a dodgy one as non of the others are like this however my others were from their collections with this being the only 'main line' lipstick so maybe it's a different formula. Also from what I've tried so far these lipsticks aren't going to last all day but the super creamy formula is super quick to touch up.

The only other minor issue I have is that the packaging is quite flimsy with the lids already seeming a little loose. I know, I know they're only £1 how brilliant can the packaging be, however on that note I have to compare them with my £1 MUA lipsticks which I've never had any packaging problems with. 

Overall though I would have to give these lipsticks a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and I actually cannot wait to grab myself some more  Makeup Revolution products to share with you all. 

So that's it guys. I hope you enjoyed today's 'beauty' post. Let me know if you've tried any of the Makeup Revolutions product or leave me suggestions of what you'd like to see me review next in the comments below!

Also a little self promotion side note: I would love it (if you like it here) if you could take the time to vote for me in the Company Style Blogger Awards (click this link) under Personal Style Blog Newcomer. 

Until Next time


4 April 2014

March Favourite: Beauty, Fashion & Randoms

Hello you lovely lot...

So I am indeed back with another YouTube video for you all. I am terribly sorry for it's delay however I've been working like crazy recently however yesterday I had the day off so I sat down and filmed three videos to be uploaded this week! Last night was the time for my March Favourites to take the spotlight. It is full of beauty, fashion and some pretty epically random things I've been enjoying throughout the month March.

So yes I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave me a comment, like and subscribe and all that lovely stuff and I will be back with you in a few days time for my slightly kooky '50 Things About Me' video!

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support you've given in this new venture of mine. I am now going to humbly ask you for more (greedy bugger). The Company Style Awards are looming with nominations officially opening today and I would be honoured if you could take the time to vote for me in the category of 'Personal Style Blog- Newcomer'(click this link to do just that)

Thank you all and as usual...

Until next time.


1 April 2014

Hair Update: A Moment of Madness!

Hello my love and how very nice it is to see you again...

So as the title may suggest I had a moment of madness the other day whilst walking through the aisles of my local Tesco. You will all know of my love for a bargain by now so imagine my delight (and sheer need) when finding the Live Colour XXL, Shocking Pink dye in the clearance section for £1.75! I instantly thought to myself, well I obviously need this to go in my (ever growing) dye selection. I didn't however plan to do what I actually did with it next. You see I WAS planning on using yet another Bleach London dye in the shade Parma Violets on my blonde ends however with the green still showing through from their Washed up Mermaid dye I knew it would probably go a disgusting shade of non discript brown. Therefore my need to dye and dye now growing ever stronger the little clogs in my brain had been a ticking trying to think of ways to wash it all out in preparation for the purple. I saw lemon, Pantene, strippers such as Bleach London's washing out liquid however I am an extremely impatient person and even the thought of waiting was making me anxious!

Anyhow to cut a long (very babbly) story short I was like screw it I will just do a strand test with the pink on the greenest part of my hair. Which I did, and which turned surprisingly pink, OK so a tad purpley pink due to the green but still mostly pink and rather nice. So of course being me the next thing I did was bung in aload of white conditioner and half the tube of pink and then walloped the lot on my darkest sections, aka my roots and the very top of my hair, as well as the darker blonde front sections. I left this for around 30 minutes before dumping a load more conditioner into my bowl and adding half or the remaining product (that's a quarter of the overall tube...look at me, I'm a mathematical genius). I then added this to the remainder of my hair leaving for a further 15 minutes before washing off and conditioning with one of the handy conditioners that come in the pack.

And this my dear friends was the result! Now it is actually much darker then on these pictures in natural lighting however I've been at work today so couldn't snap any pictures until later on. As you can see from the last two pictures it has a sort of reverse ombre effect from my original ombre style. The top darker section has been tinted and streaked pink with the very bottom 'bleached'  sections absorbing the most colour. Where there was green the hair has gone slightly purple but I like the multi-faceted effect it gives.

Over all I LOVE it especially for a last minute wack it on job, I don't actually think I did too bad! What do you guys think? Do you like my new pink locks?