7 April 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

Why hello good looking...


(oh just look at the ultra vogue thumbnail I've given birth too!)

 So yes I may now be somewhat of a YouTube addict and once again have a video for your eyeballs to take a little gander at. I am finding this whole YouTube experience so invigorating after years and years of wanting to start my own channel.  Seen as I seem to enjoy just sitting down and speaking directly to you all and since my channel is still young and budding, I thought I would once again regale you all with facts about yours truly in the 50 Random Facts About Me tag (I was not actually tagged...so I'm totally living on the edge here people). However saying that I do tag all of you lovely lot so if you liked this video leave me a response of your 50 facts in either the comments down below/on the video or even in a video response! Oooh the choices, go on make my day.

Until Next time


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