8 April 2014

Pretty in Paris- A Unconventional Pretty Little Thing Wishlist

Bonjour my stylish little baguettes...

Pretty in Paris!

Black Fluffy Beret- Boohoo
Round Black Edged Sunglasses- Pretty Little Thing
Lip Paint In Proud- Topshop
Black Cut Out Knit Jumper- Pretty Little Thing
Yellow PVC Mini Skirt- Pretty Little Thing
Black Cleated Platforms- Pretty Little Thing
Black Fur Eyes Bag- Choies (sold out)
Stripey Knee High Socks- Karmaloop

So I'm back with another post...so soon I hear you cry, well yes I know I've even shocked myself a little. However if you follow me on Twitter (of course in true blogger style I must recommend that you do)you may have seen me frantically retweeting this stunning yellow PVC mini from the Pretty Little Thing new in range. Now the entire new in range is actually incredible and I would definitely recommend a browse...warning though if you have no money you may leave heartbroken like misery guts here!

Now I knew straight away that my now depressive state had to be altered in the only way I know how...fantasy shopping/styling the items I love most and sharing them with my little blog family. See you guys make me smile. At first I toyed with the idea of a classic Pretty Little Thing wish list post however I am pretty sure I've already done two of these. It was tricky but I thought I'd try and be a little more original so instead I styled a few of my ultimate wishlist items into a rather fabulous (if I do say so myself) Parisian style outfithtt post.
Obviously my first port of call was the skirt, the skirt that literally makes me want to cry at it's beauty. As well as at the fact that it will probably be sold out when I can finally afford it in two weeks! It's a hard world. Anywho again unsurprisingly because I just cannot let the whole cleated soled platform trend go yet the next item was simple...these stunning platforms. I swear I WILL have a pair like these in my life!

The stunning round sunglasses where what I threw on next as their Tim Burton esque beauty called to the gothic/ Tim Burton obsessive child in my heart. Also they weirdly reminded me of some Johnny Depp wears in Sleepy Hollow and I love that man and film, so obviously a must. From this quirky turn in the road I decided to go full on fantasy with another lust worthy item I was too late to purchase aka the ultra cute fluffy eye bag from Choies (some might say it's purrfect..I'm just full of them). And of course I wouldn't be well if I didn't pop on a dark vampy lip in either brown or purple, or in this case a tantalising mix of both.
But then from there, you see something very peculiar happened (more so than the Tim Burton glasses moment), you all know I hold a penchant for the 90's and especially that 90's classic Clueless. I'm not sure if it was the yellow talking or maybe it was the mix of chunky shoes & quirky accessories but all of a sudden that ultra fashionable 90's icon was guiding my every move. So out came the  beret & on went the thigh high stripey socks and boda bing boda boom...out came an outfit fit for Cher Horowitz in Paris! Thank you, thank you very much.

Or a very fashionable bumble bee...I will let you decide. 
I certainly hope you all enjoyed this style of post, technically it's just a sort of merge of two of my most used styles but I thought it might be a little refreshing from the usual. Let me know what you think of this sudden yellow trend in the comments below and leave me any links to your favourite Pretty Little Thing item.

Meet you at the Eiffel Tower, I'll be the one in yellow...



  1. Oh my gosh I can definitely see you rocking this, I could not pull this off for one second but WOW! xx

  2. I love the yellow skirt and fluffy eye bag!

    Claudia xxx