12 May 2014

The White Jean

Hello my little butternut squashes...

The White Mom Jean

Sequin Halter Crop- This is a Love Song
White Mom Jeans- Own The Runway
Purple Lipstick in shade Psychedelic- Etsy
Holographic Diamond Bag- Motel Rocks
Blue faux Leather Jacket- Zara
Holographic Cleated Mules- Daisy Street

Right guys, so let me just say that I am so sorry for the lateness of this post, if you follow me on Twitter (@stonesgotstyle)then you may have seen that unfortunately I've been having a few health issues that have prevented me from posting as regularly. I am really sorry about this fact as this is what I LOVE to do & I love to connect with you guys. Hopefully this should be sorted soon and I can get back to schedule (I know right as if I've ever had a schedule...let's just pretend shall we). 
Admin aside, today I wanted to bring you another spring/summer styling post featuring an item I have a love/hate relationship with. However do any of you ever do this? Kinda hate an item, swear never to EVER wear it then get sweept along with the fashion blogging world into kinda needing it? No...just me then! Well that is a pretty accurate story of what has happened here. White jeans you see have always been (and apparently always will be) a summer wardrobe essential (those and white linen trousers which you will ACTUALLY legit never ever see me in). Now I've always had a thing about white jeans, they were OK on other people but for me it was always a bit of a dare I say it...tacky trend.

I dunno bare with me here, I mean come on I'm a girl that lives in all black and a leopard never changed it's spots (that easily). I also happen to be a serial spiller...also sorry to bring it up but erm hello periods! You know that no matter how much you plan sometimes those little buggers just come creeping up on you and erm white jeans?

However this year something amazing has happened what with the arrival of my all time favourite style of denim hitting the big time...mom jeans.  You see some how white mom jeans don't freak me out so much. Maybe it's the lose fit, maybe it's the synced in waist but the whole idea of a distressed white mom jean has suddenly become 'chic' to me and is literally all I can think about purchasing!

So to cut a long winded if not slightly disturbing story short, today I thought I would ease myself back into the blogging world with how I'd style white mom jeans the Marmite of the summer fashion world. p.s I happen to friggin love marmite!
Until Next Time


  1. That bag is so so gorgeous! xx

  2. I love your blog Victoria - just followed! You are fabulous.
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!