1 July 2014

The Paradox- Pretty Little Thing Wishlist

Hello my lovelies! 

The Paradox- Pretty Little Thing

Mesh Detail Dress
Multi Cloud Print Bralet
Multi Cloud Print Shorts
Cage Detail Mini Dress
Holographic Cleated Mules
Pink Cleated Boots

So once again I must apologies for the gap between my latest posts unfortunately I am still not fully back to my normal self. I promise I will post as often as I can (hopefully that will be a lot more frequent from now on) however unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I can not promise to go back to my normal schedule. I hope you can all appreciate this and will stick by me during this somewhat dysfunctional time. I appreciate your support and love much more than I can say, and thank you to all of you who left me a birthday message either on Twitter or Instagram yesterday you make me smile!

Anyhow less of this soppy business (we all know how uncomfortable the soppiness makes me) and onto the mission in hand for today.  Again I am a little late on the bandwagon with this one however I just LOVE the collection so much that I had to share it's beauty with you all. I apologise for the instant purchase craze this may induce!

If you've been here for a while then you will know of my love for the website Pretty Little Thing. I have created many a wishlist/outfit post with them and I can honestly say hand on heart that this Spring/summer they are one of the main ones to watch in my humble opinion! Seriously they are killing it! And their latest offering has definitely not let me down.

You've probably seen this fabulous collection advertised on numerous street corners and TV channels in all it's gloriousness (totally a word).  That glory would be called Paradox- honestly any collection that instantly makes me think of Dr. Who is good in my book! Sci-Fi geekiness aside the Paradox collection is a beautiful collection of perfectly structured sports luxe styles in beautiful pastel shades. Think sports luxe meets night out chic! This collection is both laid back cool and incredible sexy.

To shop the full collection & for more information on the concept visit the full site here.

So my loves...what do you all think? Will you be rocking one of these beautiful structured mini dresses or are the relaxed mesh separates more your style


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  1. Love the first dress!

    Claudia xxx