12 December 2014

Always the bridesmaid...


Personalized Bridesmaid Invitation- Etsy
Fur Shawl-  Forever New
Bridesmaids Dress- Weddington Way Dress Collection
Embroidered Sash-  Nicole Miller
Silver Bow Earrings- Tiffany & Co
Embroidered Shoes- Manolo Blahnik 
Gathered Clutch Bag- Macy's

Why hello there my lovelies and welcome to a different sort of post for stonesgotstyle. It's almost Christmas and we are getting romantic in the building. Yes today is the day I officially do my first ever wedding themed fashion post all thanks to the lovely people at Weddington Way who for the month of December are very excitedly hosting their very own style challenge! The challenge? To become maid of honour for the day and co-ordinate the best, most fabulous bridesmaid's look.  Challenge accepted!

But first a little bit of information on the giant help that Weddington Way can be. You see it is a fabulous online company who take your preferences, the date of the wedding, the style you have in mind etc and suggest the best dresses for you. Whether that be for the bridesmaids or even the bridal dress itself. Plus not only can you choose the style but also the colour & have an exclusive fabric sample sent to your door to test out.

The dress I am styling today is from their latest showstopping collection and to me is just perfect for a chic winter wedding.  Now It's strange I'd never really thought of shades of grey for a wedding, I thought I was better leaving that in the bedroom (couldn't resist) however I am now a huge convert to the colour scheme.  Not only is it neutral for any bride wanting to be the center of attention on her big day but it also keeps the overall look of the wedding chic and classy.

I first decided on the bridesmaids wedding favour something they could wear on the day yet keep and cherish as a sign of your friendship. Of course the first place I look when it comes to weddings is Tiffany & co and these stunning little silver bow studs are perfect and not as pricey as you might think.  Next was the shoes and I must admit I cheated a little bit here and used the shoes I want to wear to my own wedding- yes that famous Carrie Bradshaw proposal Manolo! However I went for these stunning embroidered silver/grey pair to match the dress instead of the traditional blue.

The hair had to involve flowers as I think this is the chicest way to add a bit of nature to the look. And let's face it, this braided floral up do is stunning and would look beautiful on anyone.  I then added some subtle glitz and accessories including a stunning Nicole Miller gem encrusted sash to add some drama to the simple dress and of course a fur stole to ensure no one gets sued for having six bridesmaids with a cold after the wedding.

However I also wanted to add a little bit of that special sentimentality that comes with being a bridesmaid to your best friend or family. So I included these cute little customisable bridesmaid invitations from Etsy and a stunning photograph of what being a bridesmaid is all about. Supporting and helping your loved one to start there new adventure.

So there you have it guys, a slightly soppy, majorly sentimental wedding post. Let me know what you think to my look in the comments below and feel free to request more wedding/bridesmaid looks from me.

Until next time.


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