8 December 2014

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Paisley Print Bell Bottoms -  Rokolo via Asos
Two Tone Bell Bottoms- PYLO 
Velvet Bell Bottoms- PYLO
Floral Bell Bottoms- PYLO
Paisley Floral Bell Bottoms- Rokolo via Asos
Turqouise Bell Bottoms- Roupoli via Etsy 
Purple Patterned Bell Bottoms- Roupoli via Etsy

Why hello my lovelies, as you may have noticed from the rather excited capitalized heading to this post today I want to share with you not only my new fashion love but also a huge upcoming trend- Bell bottoms.  Yes those cult bottoms from the 70's have returned and I personally am loving this new slender patterned revival. 

I think this will be so flattering on most body types and are so versatile for all seasons, looking as good with a simple tee, cropped bralet and winter jumper. I have a feeling that the whole bohemian 70's trend is going to be hitting us hard soon and I personally cannot wait to take this new trend fully to heart.  Think celebrities like the Olsen twins, Sienna Miller and Abbey Lee Kershaw to see how to work the style to the max. 

As of yet though not many companies are selling bell bottoms with Asos being the only English website I've seen so far selling them. However many american sites have already caught on to this trend with sites such as my personal new favorite PYLO (be sure to keep a look out for a wishlist post soon) and independent companies such as Roupoli on Etsy (another new fave). However I know that another of my favorite independent companies Ette Clothing are launching their own bell bottoms this Wednesday! (update the bell bottoms are now launched and on site- click here)

So what do you think of this new trend guys, will you be strutting your stuff in some 70's nostalgia soon or will you be putting this trend in room 101. 

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