1 December 2014


Why hello my loves...


Fragrance- Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
Ribbed Polo Top- Topshop
Pom Pom Earrings- Regal Rose
Lipstick in shade Bruised Plum - Tom Ford
Chain Shopper- La Moda
Luxury Pattern Trousers- Ricki Brazil
Stilettos- Jeffery Campbell via Lavish Alice

Confession, whilst I've been away from the world of blogging I may have acquired a few addictions, some old, some new. The new is my crazy, crazy obsession with the wonder that is Iggy Azalea! This includes not only her epic musical talents but her increasingly fantastic wardrobe choices too. So imagine the sheer joy when one of my old obsessions 'faux internet shopping' and my new Iggy obsession combined in one single click! Yes ladies and gentleman it was indeed heavenly, I am not afraid to say that I even put on a bit of Iggy and twerked (badly) with joy. 

What's this cofuffle about Iggy, shopping and twerking I hear you shout? Well it all started with a click onto a new website (always a fun time) called Ricki Brazil. I had been contacted by the company and was eager to see their designs. Designs which have graced the fine derrieres of Khloe Kardashian, Christina Milian and Chanel West Coast. The company is all about 'bold women' and 'unique design' with a stunning collection of Iggy worthy bralets,trousers,skirts and dresses. 

Now another old obsession of mine is indeed the Kardashians (sorry I'm not sorry) mainly focusing on Kourtney & Khloe (who remind me so much of me and my own sister. However I had never really classed their curve enhancing styles as something I could 'pull off'. However the fit and fashion of the Ricki Brazil items had me second guessing that opinion instantly and I literally cannot explain to you the incredible depths of my love for these statement trousers. 

Let me know what you think of the brand and how you'd style your own kardashian Esq piece in the comments below. 

Until next time. 


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  1. I reallllly do love those trousers, I totes couldn't pull them off but they are hot xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs