31 January 2015

My Fashion Inspirations- Take 2- Iggy Azalea

'First thing's first, I'm the realest...Drop this and let the whole world feel it'

After becoming the most nominated artist at the MTV Music Video Awards and shooting straight to number one in the chart with her Clueless inspired song 'Fancy', I'm pretty sure you've all at least heard of Iggy Azalea, aka my new girl crush. Who also happens to be the subject of today's fashion inspiration post. Now with her long blonde hair, tiny waist and let's face it phenomenal booty (just watch her collab with J-lo if you don't agree) there is no doubting that Iggy is captivating. 

However it is Iggy's approach to life, her career and haters that truly make this young Auzzie my new ultimate girl obsession.  If you are a fan like me and maybe follow Iggy on twitter then you may have seen an epic tweet or two in response to those ridiculous transgender rumors and the heartbreaking news that her boyfriend of 2 years Nick Young had been seen canoodling two separate women on a recent night out. It's her ability to rise above these media battles and stay true to who she is that really make Iggy an inspiration to me. 

Also there's her flipping awesome music! Which I must admit I have shamefully tried to twerk to far too many times,all ending in the crippling laughter of my boyfriend. And as for her wardrobe well, that ladies and gent's is heavenly!

My version of the Iggy style:

Iggy Style

Fuschia Lipstick- Make Up Forever 230
Pink Pom Pom Earrings- RockNRose
Scrunchie- RockNRose (sale)
Printed Leggings and Sports Bra- Missguided
Gold Logo Earrings- Moschino
Sheer Mermaid Body- Topshop
Lipstick in shade Muted Plum - Yves Saint Laurent
Purple Bodycon Dress- Motel Rocks (sale)
Vintage Channel Earrings- Piperlime Gap
 Very Prive 120 Patent Leather Peeptoes- Christian Louboutin
Lipstick in shade Rouge Danger- Yves Saint Laurent
Chunky Gold & Pink Logo Bracelet- Moschino
Rose-gold Ring Set- WestLABoutique
Gold Disco Shorts- American Apparel
Multicolored Mini Shorts- American Apparel

As always I certainly hope you enjoyed the second of my inspiration posts! 

Until next time


Disclaimer- pictures are via google.com and are not my own. Song lyrics (as title) from Iggy Azalea My World.


  1. She is just perfect isn't she?! If I aspire to look like anyone it would be her hahah, not sure I can pull of her style though I have no sass ;) xxx


  2. I would love to get styling her hair!! Gets me everytime!! Love her!

    Nyaomi x | Miss Wright