23 February 2015


The New Me


Necklace- Thomas Sabo
Black Studs- Thomas Sabo
Skull Studs- Thomas Sabo
Faux Fur Coat- LUCLUC
Cat Eye Glasses- Tom Ford
Calvin Klein T-Shirt- Calvin Klein
Riding Pants- American Apparel
Pentagram Iphone Case- Amazon
Lipstick Shade...- YSL
Sheer Striped Flares- Rare via Topshop
Striped Wide Leg Trousers- Topshop
Snake Ear Cuff - Thomas Sabo
Studded Dog Collar- Amazon
Roller Lash Mascara- Benefit (Pre Order)

Is it just me or does anybody else like to reinvent themselves with the incoming of a new season? If you've been here a while then you will know that I am always changing my look, my hair has been all colours of the rainbow, my 'fashion' style (always be a 90's secret goth/grunge girl at heart) changes with each new trend and season, with a little of my own personal, unique twist of course.  And recently with the hopeful end of winter I have been giving some thought (a lot of thought, almost to the stage of obsession- don't judge) to how I next want to re-invent myself. Now this will potentially include some very big, lifelong decisions involved in it.  For starters I really want a tattoo, something that will permanently be with me- so a bit of a big choice.  I also want to finally get the extra piercings I've been wanting in my ears since Fergie first strutted out with fully pierced ears (oh those were the days). 

Let's start with the thing that changes most in my day to day life- my hair! If you look back through stonesgotstyle then you will see that my hair has been every colour imaginable.  At the moment it is purple/pink and fading, now I love, love,love this colour (seen here in my previous ootd) however I'm thinking of toning it down and going completely the opposite of bright- yes I am wanting to dip dye my hair dark brown to light silver/grey. How I am going to do this to my poor brittle, bleached, desperately in need of a cut hair is still a rather large debate but I am telling you, I shall not rest till this happens. I am thinking mostly extensions to reduce the actual bleach damage to my hair? Any tips anyone? 

Also this coming season my bold vampy lips are going to take a backseat, not gone completely but not everyday.  In their place I shall be going nude/pink in the style of the ever so fashionable Kylie Jenner. Admit it girls we're all secretly after that perfect, plump pout! Along with this I want to keep my wardrobe chic, rock and roll (huge upcoming trend people) and neutral. With elements of grungy me of course, such as these stunning black and skull studs by Thomas Sabo. 

The biggest change though and one me and my boyfriend have been over excitingly planning for a while is a pug puppy (aka what will be my baby). No we have not already given the puppy a full name, personality and his own amazon wish list.  But yes, soon hopefully we should be moving to a place where puppies are allowed and our prayers are finally answered!!! So of course I had to give him a matching little outfit section in this post. 

So that's it guys, a quick little update into what my over active mind has been plotting recently. I hope you enjoyed. Let me know any of your fabulous hair tips and post thought in the comments below. 

Until next time.


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