29 February 2016

Pretty Spring Pastels

Afternoon my lovelies...

stripes and pastels

Dusty Pink harness- PrettyLittleThing
Colourpop Lippie Stick in Lumiere- Colourpop
Body- PrettyLittleThing
Ankle Boots- Public Desire
Stripe Trousers- Motel Rocks (sale)
Selma Studded Tote Bag- Michael Kors 

Now I know it's been a while since I posted a fashion or 'How I'd Style' post, so today I wanted to whip an outfit together for you're fashion loving amusement. I have been lusting after these striped trousers from Motel Rocks for a long time now, so when I saw they were in the sale I instantly needed to share the fact, whist also dressing it up. 

With Spring just around the corner (although it's still freezing in the UK) I thought I would spring things up with some super cute pastels. I am in love with the pastel choker body from Prettylittle things, which I think would pair so well with the plunging neckline and super sexy harness. I've also been in love with this style of perspex heeled, vinyl goodness from Public Desire for so long, I even blogged about their blue sister in a similar post!

And lets all just take a little moment to appreciate the stunning new lilac coloured studded Selma bag from Michael Kors. I swear it becomes an addiction as soon as you buy a Michael Kors bag, you want them all! This one I believe would be perfect for spring and tops this outfit off so well. 

And that's all folks. I certainly hope you liked this little glimpse into my spring style prep. Let me knoe your favourites in the comments below. 

Until next time...


25 February 2016

Arbonne Cosmetics

Hello my loves...

So recently I have been testing out some makeup, skincare & lifestyle products from Arbonne cosmetics and have been for a week now. So today I wanted to share a bit about the company as well as my thoughts and opinions on the make-up bits I tried.

Now Arbonne cosmetics is an international brand who as mentioned above provide spa quality skincare, make-up and lifestyle products, and who in their own words 'have enjoyed 35 years of transformation'. In my opinion this tells you a lot about the brand and what is important to them, they and their team of sales and marketing staff are all very proud of their company and what they have achieved in those 35 years (quite rightly so). It is a family led company, founded in Switzerland which trickles down from founder to everyday men and women who like with other brands such as Avon, sell the products from the comfort of their own mini business. In the founders own words, 'Arbonne is a place where ordinary people do extraordinary things everyday to enhance not only their own lives, but also the lives of so many others'. He seems to really care for and believe in the brand which as a potential buyer I find very enticing.

Now for the more exciting part of today's post, my review. From the make-up range I tested their best-selling primer, liquid foundation in shades fair and buff (I have very pale skin and both these colours worked) and their liquid highlight. I will therefore split my review into three sections.


The primer is apparently the bestselling Arbonne product of all time and from my first use I could definitely see why. The primer feels amazing and silky against the skin and definitely does what it promises, which is to blur fine lines and pores, creating a smooth canvas for your foundation to effortlessly glide onto. The key ingredients are hyaluronic filling spheres, which I'm guessing are the reason for the smoothness. Green tea & grapeseed extracts which are both so good for the skin. Overall the primer feels great, ensures your foundation glides on flawlessly and lasts all day. I would definitely try this product again. Now it is in a higher price range at £27 for 30ml but a little goes a long way and a good primer can make all the difference. 

Perfecting liquid foundation:

Now the foundation I tried is described in the book as protecting & moisturising, whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and firmer skin. Again I would agree with this description, I didn't notice the moisturising aspect that much but it did definitely make my skin more flawless and fresher looking. The main thing I noticed though was the fantastic build-able, medium to full coverage provided which I have been so thankful for. It also glides on and applies over the primer like a dream. Again it is quite pricey at £32 for 30ml around the same as for my usual Nars Sheer Glow foundation, however if you are looking for a good, medium to full coverage base I would definitely recommend checking this out. Also as a pale girl I appreciated the broad colour range.

Sheer glow highlighter:

The last product I tested was the highlight. Their highlight is a lightweight liquid product which has a very present sparkle when applied. I did however notice that if I tried to apply with my Real Techniques sponge or a brush it tended to take off my existing make-up. I therefore would recommend using your fingers to apply. The highlight is also a higher price range at £32 for 30ml so I would probably never buy myself. However we all know that strobe game is high so if you are in the market for a liquid highlighter I would recommend. 

So that is all for my little review, I hope you enjoyed. I definitely would recommend Arbonne make-up products, I am in love with that primer, obsessed. I shall leave info on where to buy down below. However until next time...


For more info email: charlottelouisethomas@hotmail.co.uk

or go to Www.charlottethomassouthampton.arbonne.com

This post is sponsored however opinions are all my own!

13 February 2016

Birchbox-February Box

Hello my lovelies...

Spectrum collections-tapered powder brush- £7.99 (full size)
Number 4- Lumiere d'hiver super comb prep & Protect- £20*
Cochine- Water Hycanith & Lime Blosson hand & body lotion- £19*
Doux me- Comforting face mask & exfoliator- £18*
LOC- shadow stick in Champagne Problems- £8 (full size)

Today I wanted to share with you all what I got in my first Birchbox and my opinion on the product as a whole. I got the February box which has a Rhianna nod in title and is called 'shine bright like a diamond'. I like it. 

Now Birchbox is a monthly subscription beauty box, of which there are now many. I have tried Glossybox before, another subscription box very similar in design. Now above is what I got in my Birchbox, and I mention this now as I have the same issue with my box as I did with many Glossybox's (hence my cancelling). That would be that although I specifically said in a little 'beauty choices' survey you fill out that I wanted mostly beauty items and I received mostly other items for hair, face and body. 

Due to this I am a little disappointed in this months box. However the saving grace of this box are the two items I knew I would be receiving. Both of these are beauty related. Birchbox show a little glimpse into their boxes ( a quirk I do enjoy about this particular beauty box)so I knew I would be receiving the Spectrum tapered powder brush. I also got to pick which colour LOC eyeshadow pencil I received from a champagne colour (which I picked) and a gold. Now these two products I love and have tried out in a recent instagram post (see below). 

I used the brush to apply my contour as the tapered end fits perfectly into the crevices of the cheek. And I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend the company. The brush not only works wonders but also comes in some super funky colours which makes it an overall winner in my opinion and at £7 a nice little treat in the box (well bag inside a box). I then used the LOC eyeshadow pencil which is a stunning slightly sparkly, champagne colour and glides onto the lid like a dream. I always worry with pencils and cream eyeshadows as although I love them you do have to normally have to blend a lot to get them neat. This is a problem I did not have with the LOC pencil which saves me time in the morning and makes me fall in love instantly with this product. My only issue is how I'm meant to sharpen it back into shape when it goes down. I do wish it was a twist up. 

So yes, the makeup/beauty items I received are successes. They are both full size and equal £15.99 which in themselves make them worth more than the £12.00 I paid for the box in full. 

The other products I like the idea of but haven't used yet and again wish were make up but I am going to give Birchbox another month to see if next month matches my requests better. Wish me luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think of the Febuary box or what you received in yours in the comments below. 

And...Until next time...


9 February 2016

Striped Style Snippet

Hello beautiful...

Stripe Style

Stripe Shirt Dress- Boohoo
Kapow Matte Lipgloss- Colourpop
Hair Rings- LaModa
White Creepers- Public Desire

I am back, with yet another 'how I'd style post' as polyvore (my favourite styling platform) is just sucking me in recently. Also I saw this stripe shirt maxi dress from Boohoo and fell in love. At £25 it's a reasonably priced wardrobe staple that could transfer you between seasons with simple layering or be worn alone in summer for super sizzling style. 

I decided to keep it pretty simple with a stunning matte lip by colourpop (love this shade), hair rings by La Moda and white creepers from Public Desire, obsessed with creepers for life!

I certainly hope you enjoyed this little style snippet, let me know how you'd style it in the comments below.

Until next time...


6 February 2016

My Everyday Go To Make-Up

Afternoon lovelies...

My everday makeup

Limecrime Velvetines shade Faded- Limecrime
Urban Decay Shadow Box- Urban Decay
Cream Contour Palette- Ebay
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette (shade light/medium)- Cult Beauty
Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation- Stila
Nars Sheer Glow (shade Gobi)- Space NK
Mac Studio Fix Concealor (shade NC15)- Mac
YSL Illuminating Pen- Boots
Tom Ford Noir Femme- Debenhams
Stila Lip & Cheek Stain (shade Yumberry)- Stila
Mac Prep+Prime primer- Mac

So today I thought I would share with you one of my most common make-up looks and most used products in my collection. This is almost my everyday look however certain things such as blush, eyeshadow and lip product change day to day (I post daily FOTD on my Instagram @stonesgotstyle if you wanted to see more).

My go to foundation is Nars Sheer Glow & I am shade Gobi which never seems to be in stores, pale girl problems!!! Under this I prep my skin with Macs Prep+Prime primer. 

My makeup routine has changed recently with me contouring and highlighting much more, especially highlighting under the eyes. I first go in with my Real techniques miracle sponge and mac concealor to hide dark circles, then I add the yellow shade from my cream concealor palette (mega cheap on Ebay)to brighten along with my YSL illuminating pen which is a salmon colour to fight dark circles and brighten even more. All about brightening those eyes, cupids bow, chin & a little on the forehead. 

I would normally then go in and contour using either some darker shades from the cream concealor palette or my much loved Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. Love a bit of contour craziness. This is when I set it all in place with my illuminating powder concealor refill by Stila (which I got for £1 from the pound shop, can you believe it). 

Of course it's then finishing touches with a stila cheek stain, MUA highlighter stick, beauty bay mascara and normally a mac lipstick/liner combo or a Limecrime Velvetines, today I chose Faded one of my go to colours. Then a final spritz of my current fragrance, the super lush Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme.  And that's my make-up all done in a painfully long time I'm sure according to my fiancé who waits patiently during this process. 

I certainly hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my make-up routine. Feel free to link me to yours, or any of your favourite products in the comments below. 

Untill next time...


4 February 2016

Tartan & Blood

Why hello there my lovelies...

Tartan Blood

Coral & Gold Septum Ring- Regal Rose
Red Large Fabric Choker- LaModa
Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick- Jeffree Star
Lace Up Body- Missguided
Boots- LaModa
Tartan Pants- LoveTooTrue
Rouge Louboutin Nail Varnish- Christian Louboutin

I am so sorry this post is so late, this is due to my health (as explained in this previous blog post). I am going to try and blog more frequently from now on and have a few special posts planned, so please bear with and accept my deepest apologies.

Anyhow today we do have a post , all about styling these stunning Burberry inspired tartan pants by a fabulous brand called Love Too True. I have been eyeing these up for far too long now, so next payday I think I need to finally make these babies mine! 
Therefore I decided I should start getting used to styling them in hopes of getting my Fiancé used to me wearing overly tartan pants on ma butt, everywhere we go. Wish me luck.

After seeing these awesome red heeled boots and this extra large burgundy choker on one of my fave sites La Moda, I just had to have a pop of red as my secondary colour. How sexy is that choker!
Also with my love of liquid lipsticks and vampires, plus unicorns I had to of course add one of my favourite shades of Jeffree Stars amazing lip velours. This is a fabulous shade called Unicorn blood (awesome name, have to have). I just love the dark burgundy, almost brown toned red. Then of course you cannot have a pop of red without Christian Louboutin's incredible Rouge Louboutin nail varnish. The bottle alone is a work of art!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini styling post. Please feel free to leave me comments on what you'd like me to style next or any posts you would like to see in future. 

All my love & untill next time...


18 January 2016

How I'd Style: Elsie and Fred Embellished Jacket

Why hello again lovelies.

Embroided jacket

Embellished Jacket- Elsie and Fred
Liquid lipstick- Abused by Jeffree Star
Funnel Neck Body- Topshop
Night & Day Hair Rings- La Moda
Sunglasses- Elsie and Fred
Knee High Socks- Boohoo
Gradient Skirt- American Apparel
Perspex Heel Ankle Boots- Public Desire

So it has been a while, with me being absent (post is here if you wondered why) since I did a 'how I'd style' post. Swear I don't try and rhyme. Anyhow, I have been day dreaming about this stunning embellished denim jacket by a fabulous brand called Elsie and Fred, so I thought I'd style it up until I can make one mine, muwahahaha. I decided since it was cold, to layer up under the jacket with some items I've been obsessed with, such as these amazing vinyl & perspex boots by public desire, that I am just lusting so hard over. 

I certainly hope you like how I've styled this. I'd definitely check out the companies mentioned as they are some of my favourites. Promise this isn't sponsored. I'm just in love.

Hopefully I can do an OOTD post soon. But until then...


16 January 2016

Beauty Wishlist

Please sir may I have some more?

My makeup wishlist

Limecrime Perlees  shade: Mirage 
Shade: Third eye

Why hello there my lovelies, today I wanted to share with you some of my make-up lustings for January. My bank account has momentarily fallen out with me, so in true stonesgotstyle style? I have decided to wishlist the shopping craving away, whilst also sharing some epic items with you lovely lot. 
As you can tell I have been having a love affair with liquid lipsticks recently, especially Limecrime's Velvetines and well Limecrime in general, after my lovely fiancé spoilt me with 2 boxes of limecrime goodies at Christmas! I feel blessed and a little like a makeup addict at the same time. 
Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in a post/Youtube video of my limecrime collection or recent lipstick purchases. 

Anyhow, I certainly hope you enjoy this little slice of makeup lusting heaven. And until next time...


13 January 2016

Farewell to a genius, a poet and an inspiration to all.

'But I'll be there for you, as the world falls down'...

As you are probably aware on January 10th 2017, David Bowie (a man who inspired a world) died peacefully, at home, surrounded by family. This news both shocked and shook me, hard. 
You may recall an older post all about my 'guilty pleasures' in which I shared my rather "too" large obsession with Bowie. Especially as Jareth the Goblin King, in the legendary film The Labyrinth. Well, after a couple of days to wipe away my tears and re collect my brain from playing Bowie on repeat, I decided to pay homage to one of my all time favourite artists with two of his most iconic makeup looks. The main one being Jareth and a short Instagram post inspired by 'Life on Mars', one of my all time favourite songs.  

Hope you like them... (excuse my grumpy, pout face)

Photography by Alexander Anderson

Products used:

Stila light Powder foundation

Let me know if you want more info on how I created the look and will film a tutorial. Hope you like this Jareth inspired look!!!

Mini Instagram 'Life on Mars' look:

Until next time...


10 January 2016

A Week In Instagram: My return & 365 day challenge.

Hello again...

First Row:
Heading out in my new American Apparel body, Being Candidly snapped by the wonderful Alexander Anderson (aka the Fiancé) at Kew Gardens, Busting out my best pout for my all time favourite brand nowadays, Limecrime's Velvetines in Faded.

Second Row:
Excited to have my engagement ring back on my finger (more info in next post), Got my nails prepped for my ring's return!, My second bar soap attempt for our future SoapWish Venture- this is candy shop. 

Third row:
Another new American Apparel body (sale) with Limecrime's Velvetine in Cement, First soap bar looks like chocolate is indeed Bakewell Tart soap!, Loving my old school Tom Ford Lippie in Black Orchid

So yes, you guessed it, I am indeed attempting the 365 day challenge. I am going to attempt to Instagram a picture everyday this year. So for those of you that follow me on Instagram (@stonesgotstyle) I apologise in advance for my millions of duck faces, lipstick addiction & soap creations!!!

Wish me luck & Until then...


8 January 2016

I'm Back- Why I went away & life update...

“In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”

Why hello there my lovelies, it is so nice to see you once again. So you are probably wondering where the hell I have been. Well that I'm afraid is a rather long & troublesome tale, I have felt unable to share for some considerable amount of time.

I suppose I should first apologise for how long I have left you guys all alone with my little empty blog. And I do (apologise that is) from the bottom of my heart. 

Now on the hard bits, the confessions & secrets once unbeknown even to myself. I have spent the last few months of my blogging back in (gosh 2013?) fighting & losing a battle with my own mind and body. I had horrific panic attacks, moments of mania followed by crashes of debilitating depression. By this point my yet undiagnosed anxiety was making me unable to leave my bedroom or have the courage to write a blog post, in case it wasn't good enough. 

So in 2013 I took a sudden hiatus from blogging due to a  sudden mental breakdown. I left work, left friends, family and reality. Preferring and only able to sit and lock myself away in my room, day after day and sleep. It was this year I was diagnosed with Bordeline personality disorder. In addition to this, several comorbidities, including severe anxiety, depression and things I am still uncomfortable talking about openly now (please forgive and I hope you understand this).

I intend to write more about my mental health & mental health awareness on either a different blog or a certain day of the week (once I am back blogging normally). Please feel free to email me any questions about mental health & I shall try answer as quickly as possible. 

I do not want to hover around the bad bits as this has been quite difficult for me to type. So, on to the good!

I am in services, I met a boy who loves, understands and saves me everyday. Without him, I would not be here writing this blog again. 
The best news? New year he asked me to marry him....and I said yes!!!! So I am now a fiancé and I cannot believe how lucky I am . Thank you to my love Alex, my friends, my family & you guys for being so amazing. 

I shall proceed normal fashion/beauty blogs soon. But until then... 

See you next time...