13 February 2016

Birchbox-February Box

Hello my lovelies...

Spectrum collections-tapered powder brush- £7.99 (full size)
Number 4- Lumiere d'hiver super comb prep & Protect- £20*
Cochine- Water Hycanith & Lime Blosson hand & body lotion- £19*
Doux me- Comforting face mask & exfoliator- £18*
LOC- shadow stick in Champagne Problems- £8 (full size)

Today I wanted to share with you all what I got in my first Birchbox and my opinion on the product as a whole. I got the February box which has a Rhianna nod in title and is called 'shine bright like a diamond'. I like it. 

Now Birchbox is a monthly subscription beauty box, of which there are now many. I have tried Glossybox before, another subscription box very similar in design. Now above is what I got in my Birchbox, and I mention this now as I have the same issue with my box as I did with many Glossybox's (hence my cancelling). That would be that although I specifically said in a little 'beauty choices' survey you fill out that I wanted mostly beauty items and I received mostly other items for hair, face and body. 

Due to this I am a little disappointed in this months box. However the saving grace of this box are the two items I knew I would be receiving. Both of these are beauty related. Birchbox show a little glimpse into their boxes ( a quirk I do enjoy about this particular beauty box)so I knew I would be receiving the Spectrum tapered powder brush. I also got to pick which colour LOC eyeshadow pencil I received from a champagne colour (which I picked) and a gold. Now these two products I love and have tried out in a recent instagram post (see below). 

I used the brush to apply my contour as the tapered end fits perfectly into the crevices of the cheek. And I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend the company. The brush not only works wonders but also comes in some super funky colours which makes it an overall winner in my opinion and at £7 a nice little treat in the box (well bag inside a box). I then used the LOC eyeshadow pencil which is a stunning slightly sparkly, champagne colour and glides onto the lid like a dream. I always worry with pencils and cream eyeshadows as although I love them you do have to normally have to blend a lot to get them neat. This is a problem I did not have with the LOC pencil which saves me time in the morning and makes me fall in love instantly with this product. My only issue is how I'm meant to sharpen it back into shape when it goes down. I do wish it was a twist up. 

So yes, the makeup/beauty items I received are successes. They are both full size and equal £15.99 which in themselves make them worth more than the £12.00 I paid for the box in full. 

The other products I like the idea of but haven't used yet and again wish were make up but I am going to give Birchbox another month to see if next month matches my requests better. Wish me luck!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think of the Febuary box or what you received in yours in the comments below. 

And...Until next time...


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