4 February 2016

Tartan & Blood

Why hello there my lovelies...

Tartan Blood

Coral & Gold Septum Ring- Regal Rose
Red Large Fabric Choker- LaModa
Unicorn Blood Velour Lipstick- Jeffree Star
Lace Up Body- Missguided
Boots- LaModa
Tartan Pants- LoveTooTrue
Rouge Louboutin Nail Varnish- Christian Louboutin

I am so sorry this post is so late, this is due to my health (as explained in this previous blog post). I am going to try and blog more frequently from now on and have a few special posts planned, so please bear with and accept my deepest apologies.

Anyhow today we do have a post , all about styling these stunning Burberry inspired tartan pants by a fabulous brand called Love Too True. I have been eyeing these up for far too long now, so next payday I think I need to finally make these babies mine! 
Therefore I decided I should start getting used to styling them in hopes of getting my FiancĂ© used to me wearing overly tartan pants on ma butt, everywhere we go. Wish me luck.

After seeing these awesome red heeled boots and this extra large burgundy choker on one of my fave sites La Moda, I just had to have a pop of red as my secondary colour. How sexy is that choker!
Also with my love of liquid lipsticks and vampires, plus unicorns I had to of course add one of my favourite shades of Jeffree Stars amazing lip velours. This is a fabulous shade called Unicorn blood (awesome name, have to have). I just love the dark burgundy, almost brown toned red. Then of course you cannot have a pop of red without Christian Louboutin's incredible Rouge Louboutin nail varnish. The bottle alone is a work of art!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini styling post. Please feel free to leave me comments on what you'd like me to style next or any posts you would like to see in future. 

All my love & untill next time...


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