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Why hello there, so let me guess you've wondered along to my little blog and you are now wondering who the hell the person is behind the posts?
Well let me start by telling you my name which is Victoria or Vickie or Vic or anything you want to call me (now play nice) and of course my age. I am in fact 22 years of age which has allowed enough time to grow a love of both Acting and Fashion, move to the city, attend drama school, graduate with a 2:1 thank you very much, run out of money and move back home, all the while harvesting a pretty large collection of clothes and make-up. Which I suppose leads us to here at this post on this blog right now, whenever it is that your reading it.
Now onwards we go with a little bit about me. I'm a city girl at heart currently trapped in a small seaside town. I'm a pretty easily obsessed person, meaning I'm obsessed with lots of thing. Coffee (mostly Starbucks), Lipstick (especially red), Soft Mints, Twilight (sorry I'm not sorry), David Bowie (especially in Labyrinth, nothing to do with the tight pants!), Phantom of the Opera, Gin and Tonic, Laurence Olivier, Shakespeare, unicorns, Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell's to be specific), Diet pop, Keira Knightley, Period Dramas, pick a mix, being the future Duchess of Devonshire, painting my nails, oversized T-shirts, Michael Fassbender's bottom, Bridget Jones, films in general, reading (a lot) and much, much more.
Have any further questions feel free to ask me!

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